Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The answers to the most frequent questions that future clients like you ask me. If you have a question about my Treasures Factory, you will almost certainly find the answer here. And if not, you just have to contact me :)

How does the step by step to order a custom jewel work?

The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory is a small company specialized in custom and personalized jewelry. Most of my jewelry pieces are customized or part of short series collections, so I only have a few treasures in stock. I work on request, preparing each order at the request of each customer. That is why when I receive the confirmation of the payment of your order it will take between 7 and 15 working days to send it to you. If your request is urgent, please contact me and I will do my best to speed up the production process.

In jewelry that includes engravings, check the entered text well because it will be engraved as you write it (spelling, accents...).

If you want a personalized jewel, I will send you an estimate without obligation by email:

  • For treasures over € 100: if the budget is right for you and you want to make the purchase, I will send you my bank details so you can make a 20% down payment to confirm your order. After receiving the payment and deposit, I elaborate the design of the piece. As soon as we have the design closed, you must make the payment of the remaining 80% to make the jewel in my workshop. Once the treasure is prepared, I will send you photos to confirm that everything is correct and you will only have to send your personalized treasure by mail.
  • For treasures under € 100: if the budget is right for you and you want to make the purchase, I will send you my bank details so that you can make the payment of 100% of the amount to confirm your order. After receiving it, I develop the design of the piece. As soon as we have the design closed, I put your treasure in the workshop. Once prepared, I will send you photos to confirm that everything is correct and you will only have to send your personalized treasure by mail.

Both in one case and the other, this process usually takes between 7 and 20 working days.

How do returns work?

The return is conditional on whether you have ordered me a personalized treasure or if you have bought one of my short series jewels:

  • In the case of personalized jewelry, The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory does not admit returns, since each jewel has been designed and made at the request of each client. I can only consider the return in the event that there is an error in the manufacture of the jewel by MeriTomasa. If the jewel conforms to the design specified with the customer, there is no return possible. The Atlantis Collection also works like this: I make each piece to order and therefore I cannot offer you the return option.
  • In the case of short serial jewelery (not personalized), you can make the return within a period of 14 calendar days. The refund of the purchase amount will be made after verifying that the jewel is in perfect condition. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

You will find all the information in detail on the Shipping and Returns page.

What if I want to make any changes to my treasure?

If you want to modify the size of the ring or the length of the chain, contact me detailing the modification you wish to make. You must cover the shipping costs to MeriTomasa and back to your delivery address (specifying the amount and method of payment with MeriTomasa). You will also have to assume a 10% surcharge on the price of the new piece, plus the difference between the price of both (if applicable).

My recommendation: please, make sure of the measurements or the size of the treasures that you order from me. For example, if you order a ring from me, my recommendation is that you visit one or several jewelers in person to know the Tatum size of the finger where you want to wear it.

Shall we talk on WhatsApp? And by Messenger? Or on Instagram?

I only use these apps for short messages. They are concentration thieves that I cannot afford. To communicate in detail, please, better by email: contact me here.

If you have any urgent questions you can always call me at 691 970 615.

Can we stay one day and see each other?

I work mostly on the Internet, which is a great channel to share sketches, balance designs, agree on budgets and create custom treasures, but if you want us to see each other, I invite you to visit my store at Jaume d'Arters 11, Manresa. All the details here.

You can also find me very often at fairs and markets. You can see the next ones on my blog and social networks, and on my calendar of upcoming fairs.

What are the prices based on?

I compete with mass-produced jewelry and costume jewelry many miles from here. But my model is not that. I only work with noble metals (sterling silver and gold) and I make each piece by hand: sizes, thicknesses, design and finishes. All my suppliers are also kilometer zero, like me. I offer unique and quality treasures, with artisan manufacture and custom design. The price is the result of that value bet, not the determinant of it.

How can I know the size of my finger for a ring?

The best option to know your TATUM measurement is to go to a jewelry store where you can be measured with a ring in no time. In Spain, all jewelers use the same scale to measure: the TATUM scale. You can go to a small neighborhood jewelry store if you are confident to get measured. If you think they might get angry for asking them to measure you to buy somewhere else, the solution is to go to a mall or a shopping center. There you will find many franchised jewelry stores with very nice shop assistants who do not take two minutes to take your measure. If instead of in one jewelry you do it in two better: that way you will be more sure of your TATUM measurement.

I tell you some tips to measure yourself correctly on my blog: How to know the size of your ring?

Do you make interior or exterior engravings on rings and other treasures? What type can these engravings be?

With ring pantograph, with 3D designs, with diamond tip, with laser or hand-made engravings. I tell you all the details and all the options in my post Engraved rings: traditional, 3D or laser?.

Do you use pure silver and gold?

Pure gold and silver exist in nature, but they are not used in jewelry because they are too soft and the jewelry would be damaged too easily. For this reason, in jewelry we work with "sterling silver" and "18K gold".

Sterling silver and 18 karat gold are alloys. That is, mixtures of silver and gold with other metals. This makes these resulting metals stronger and more resistant, both for work in the workshop and to wear them later as jewels.

Sterling silver, which is also called "ster" or "925 silver" is an alloy of silver and copper. That is, out of every 1000 grams, you have 925 grams of silver and the rest of another metal, usually copper.

The same is true for 18 karat gold (or "18K", or "18 carat", or "18 ct", which are the same). In jewelry you do not work with pure gold. We always put a small dot of other metals to harden it and to change its color or not. In the case of 18K yellow gold, it has 750 thousandths of pure gold, 125 thousandths of pure silver and 125 thousandths of pure copper per gram.

Therefore, whenever you wear sterling silver jewelery, you are actually wearing jewelery with a small proportion of copper. And whenever you wear 18K gold jewelry, you are actually wearing jewelry with a small proportion of silver and copper.

You will find more curiosities about this topic on my blog:

How can I care for and clean my jewelry?

The most important thing to bear in mind is that the way you care for and clean a jewel depends on its finish: glossy or matte. And in the case of gold jewelry, whether it is yellow gold or white gold. When the finish is shiny and the jewel is silver or yellow gold or rose gold, a clean silver chamois is best. If the jewel has a matte finish, or it is white gold... it is forbidden to use the suede! I tell you all the tricks on my blog:

Do you do international shipments?

Yes! You can buy online in Spain and the 27 countries of the European Union: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland , Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Sweden.

And you can also buy online from a lot of other countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, the United Kingdom, Andorra, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Are you interested and your country is not on the list? You just have to fill out my contact form answering these two questions and I will send you a non-binding quote:

  1. Postal Code, City and Country where do you want to receive the package.
  2. Product and measure what interests you.

More information about international shipments on my website: in the post International shipments and in the page of Shipping and Returns.

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