Custom Trophies, Plates and Medals 

Exclusive trophies, plates and medals for each event. The theme of the contest or event is the premise of the bespoke award for that fair occasion. Pieces in bronze, copper, brass, zamak... with silver or gold plating? For events laden with value, decorations to match the circumstances!

Custom Trophies, Plates and Medals

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  • Golden Wedding Plaque
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    Herminia and Jaume's golden wedding commemorative plaque, consisting of an 18K gold and sterling silver commemorative plaque held up by a bronze sculpture of the two bride and groom.. The sterling silver personalized inscription commemorative plaque is engraved with the 18K rose gold heart and 50 years of 18K yellow gold. The bronze sculpture represents...

  • Indalo

    Indalo in sterling silver, in the shape of a medallion, with a darkened background to generate contrast. On the front, personalized phrase. 35mm diameter by 3mm thick. It is not a necklace: it is a treasure to keep on the nightstand or to walk in the purse. Personalized gift to celebrate a round date.

  • Rugby Trophy

    From the Andalusian Rugby Federation I am offered the task of preparing a series of trophies for the provincial final. From its logo I design and elaborate a limited series of 11 units.

  • Mostra't Trophy

    The Yatuké collective and the Manresa City Council commission me to design and manufacture the Mostra’t trophies, a documentary, short film and video art competition. Mostra’t was a documentary, short film and video art exhibition and contest organized by the Manresa City Council and the Yatuké artistic collective. This is one of my first real...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items