I am fortunate to receive orders for Atlantis rings from many countries around the world and from time to time I realize that things are not always called the same here and there. More than once I have received questions about the Atlantis ring, and specifically about the difference between the Atlantis ring and other rings, such as the "Luxor ring", the "Egyptian ring", the "Howard Carter ring" or the "Atlantean Ring".

Already arrive the Three Wise Women of craftsmanship and slow jewellry

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The Queen Magician of personalized jewelry. The Queen Magician of artisan jewelry. And the Queen Magician of local jewelry. They are the three queens in one that you will find in The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory. They come from the east riding the skies on their flying camels and they are already around the corner...

2 years later...

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Two years ago, today The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory opened its doors to the public. I have had the online store open for a long time, but to raise the blind in the physical store I waited a little longer. I did the opening in December 2019. As in the movies, "2 years later"... here I am..

MeriChristmas with MerryTomasa!

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Exclusive design and artisan manufacture, but with online sales and shipments to almost the entire world. It is my MeriTomasa formula, a small jewelry workshop that is committed to showing that the traditional is not at odds with the modern and that there is life beyond Amazon. Ho Ho Ho!
New collection! The typical design of the tiles with the almond blossom of Barcelona, in the form of a necklace, earrings or ring. The same as the ones you can walk on in almost all the streets of the Catalan capital, but instead of offering them in hydraulic cement, I design and make them in sterling silver.

5 years (official) of the Treasures Factory!

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I renew contract!!! I am signing one more year with The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory and therefore I will continue to expand the record of being the boss with whom I have worked the longest and best ;))))

Black Friday at MeriTomasa with 10% discount! Only until November 28!

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10% discount on all your online purchases over € 50. Only until November 28! Just write the "BlackMerry" coupon in your shopping cart. Advance your Christmas shopping at the same time as you bet on local shops.

I'm back!

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I'm back! And with the batteries charged. It also happens to the robots and the fairies that help me in The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory. Batteries fully loaded, and wanting to give a lot of war.
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