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Sant Jordi Online 2021

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This 2021 either I won't be able to sell you my Sant Jordi Roses collection on Passeig Pere III in Manresa, but I can send them to your home. This year, Sant Jordi will win the dragon! With fast and safe shipping with DHL door to door.

Is the Atlantis ring satanic?

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As I know that many of my clients find my Atlantis rings collection by searching Google, from time to time I do tests to see how my website appears and I also look at related searches. Among them, there is one that always surprises me: "Atlantean ring is satanic". According to Google, one of the searches most related to Atlantean rings is wondering if they are a thing of the devil... are they?

Heart pendant in gold and silver

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New collection of heart-shaped pendants, in sterling silver, black silver, silver with gold bath (yellow or pink) and 18K gold: yellow, pink or white. With exclusive design and elaboration in my jewelry workshop of The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory. MeriTomasa exclusive packaging included + International Shipments with DHL.

My treasure is you

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I think it's very important to be able to offer you a guarantee that the opinions of clients about The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory are true, and that is why I signed up for Google reviews, where you have to be registered with your name and surname and your Gmail account to write an opinion on any company, and just a year later I am hyper-satisfied with everything you have written about my artisan jewelry workshop.

The Magi are here!

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My Wise Men are you, and that is why I have to hang the "Complete Workshop" sign at The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory... but you can still buy my collections on my website, or at my jewelry store in Manresa (very close to Barcelona, in Catalonia), with special hours for the 4th and 5th of January, from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm!
3D Snowflakes in sterling silver, in the shape of a necklace and matching earrings. It's the new version for winter 2021 of my Snowflake Collection, version 004, with snowflakes in three dimensions. And also, it comes with a Christmas promo included: only for the next 10 days, 10% discount!

MeriChristmas with MerryTomasa!

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Exclusive design and artisan manufacture, but with online sales and shipments to almost the entire world. It is my MeriTomasa formula, a small jewelry workshop that is committed to showing that the traditional is not at odds with the modern and that there is life beyond Amazon. Ho Ho Ho!

Black Friday at MeriTomasa with 10% discount! Only until November 29!

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10% discount on all your online purchases over € 50. Only until November 29! Just write the "BlackMerry" coupon in your shopping cart. Advance your Christmas shopping at the same time as you bet on local shops.
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