Custom Cufflinks 

Personalized cufflinks for men and women. From the most classic design for occasions that need protocol to a more modern and vintage design to give a point of elegance to your casual look... Cufflinks to suit and measure each person and situation!

Custom Cufflinks

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  • Kiss Cufflinks

    Personalized asterisk cufflinks ... or is it a kiss? Hammered finish sandblasted on the front and polished on the back. Matching with wedding bands. Design made by David, my client, to wear them at his wedding. When I saw the sketch I thought they were asterisks and it turns out not. Is a kiss!

  • SLR Camera Cufflinks
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    Personalized cufflinks shaped like an analog SLR camera, in white gold with a rhodium plating. Finished with polished parts, other scratches and other mattes, imitating all the details of an analog SLR camera. Gift for a lifelong photography lover, in white gold: to avoid excessive weight and excessive cost of the material, the interior of the pieces is...

  • Corporate Cufflinks Business Optimizer

    Personalized cufflinks in sterling silver with the logo of the company Business Optimizer, commissioned by its owner, Alessio Cusin, to show off in important appointments. Letters with polished finish on a textured and darkened surface. Sides, obverse of the cufflinks and well-polished closures. All mass and handcrafted, including the closures.

  • Flamini Recio Cufflinks

    Personalized cufflinks in the shape of a button with the initials of the last names of Javier Flamini Recio. Wedding gift from Ana Belén, her godmother. Polished finish lettering on a textured, darkened surface. Sides, obverse of the cufflinks and closings well polished. All mazizo and handcrafted, including closures.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items