Custom Thimbles 

Custom thimbles for each time you thread needle and thread. To complete the best collections or to have an exclusive piece loaded with the best memories. A bespoke gift for grannies who sew and sew the ins and outs of their long years or for vintage youngsters who practice the DIY sport to show off handmade treasures.

Custom Thimbles

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  • Custom Thimble Quick view
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    Custom Thimble
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    Custom thimble in sterling silver, to give as a gift or to give yourself. You can make your order explaining me what you want your thimble to be, or make a small sketch and send me a photo. After placing your order I will contact you and send you an outline so you can see exactly what your thimble will look like. As soon as you give me your ok I make your...

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  • Happy Birthday Thimble
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    Custom thimble in sterling silver. Gift for the grandmother, who turns 90, from her 34 daughters and sons and granddaughters and grandsons. At 90 years old, the honoree still likes to sew, and Elvira, the daughter who commissioned me on behalf of the whole family, sent me a sketch of the custom thimble design, with 90 dots (one for each year), 34 sheets...

  • Thimble Palazuelo de Vedija

    Custom thimble in sterling silver. Monica's gift for a very special person, A.E.G., who has a collection of thimbles worthy of exhibition but was missing one from her hometown, Palazuelo de Vedija. Personalized with "el marranero", the monument located in the Plaza Mayor dedicated by the municipality to the profession of caring for "marranines", as they...

  • Thimble 10 years of love

    Custom thimble in sterling silver. Patrizia's gift for her husband, who collects thimbles, and with whom they share a 10-year love story. The thimble contains four decorative motifs: Venezuela, a plane that travels through the sea drawing a heart-shaped route, Spain, and the initials of the couple and the 10 years they have been together. Polished...

  • Thimble "If you give me a strand of thread I will sew...

    Personalized thimble for mother and daughter, Adelina and Ana Belén. It is designed to be worn as a necklace too. Designed detail by detail throughout its history, no element is free, everything keeps its meaning. Thimble with a polished finish less the lower area that is whiter and more rustic. A little darkened chain of 70 cm.

  • Custom thimbles Salcedillo and Brañosera
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    Two personalized thimbles in sterling silver. Gift from Marta and family for M.A., her 85-year-old grandmother, who has a long collection of thimbles but misses those from Salcedillo, her hometown, and Brañosera, where she lived her childhood and youth. The task: to create those 2 custom thimbles with the signs of each town and customized: Salcedillo...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items