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    Custom Cigar Cutter 

    Custom cigar cutters, a treasure with which every exquisite smoker will hallucinate. Custom pieces with their interlaced initials, their name, the family crest or that of the smoking club. A spectacular and unusual jewel, to make a difference and cut the best cigars in style!

    Custom Cigar Cutter

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    • Screw Cigar Cutter

      The entire base of the cigar cutter is made of silver, the cutting blade is made of steel, the surgical titanium screw and the interlaced letters in 18ct yellow gold. Scratched finish, engraved lettering. This piece is not only the first time that I work with gold and experiment with titanium... This piece represents the first steps in my worst vices: my...

    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item