Custom Engagement Rings 

Personalized engagement rings made specifically for each love story. Exclusive treasures to surprise someone special. Design yourself a jewel so loaded with meaning! I keep professional secrecy until the day of Yes I want arrives ;)

Custom Engagement Rings

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  • Rough Diamond Engagement Ring 2

    Personalized engagement ring in sterling silver and with rough diamond included, custom designed for Sergio to ask for the yes to his particular princess. Rustic silver background with a diagonal line that surrounds it in polished silver and that welcomes the rough diamond in the center with four double arms that grip it safely. A ring that is both rustic...

  • Three Diamond Engagement Ring

    18K white gold personalized engagement ring. Half-round, with three brilliant-cut diamonds on the outside, the larger in the middle. Personalized inscription in handwriting by Miguel, the groom: I just turned it into precious metal. Miguel wants to surprise his girl with an engagement ring. He comes to my workshop with very clear ideas and a sketch of the...

  • 7 Engagement Ring

    Personalized engagement ring in sterling silver. Outside, seven zircons: six mini zircons on the sides, set in pavé mode, and a larger zircon in the center, set with clubs. Inside, personalized inscription. Eudald and her girl have been dating for seven years and are preparing to live a few months of adventure together in the United States. Before...

  • Dark Moon Engagement Ring

    Personalized engagement ring in sterling silver. Outside, darkened sandblasted finish. Inside, shiny polished finish. A silver moon that shines through the darkness of the night. For fans of the beauties that hide in the darkness of the night. Maybe the phrase from Game of Thrones sounds familiar to you. The followers of the Lord of Light say it: "The...

  • O Engagement Ring

    Personalized engagement ring in white gold with a rhodium plating, with a capital O (for Olivia, the family pubilla) in rose gold (for the color of Dune, the longtail clan pet)..  Chaos hammered finish, with the O well polished, to give contrast. Polished, rounded inner edges.

  • Gamers Keychain

    Personalized sterling silver keychains for two gamers. Gift of Lourdes for José María engagement ring type: José María has already made the request for her hand, and Lourdes does not want to be less. Girls are warriors! 30x30mm, plus the chain and the key ring, all in sterling silver. Polished finish, with the background of the letters darkened. Wedding...

  • Rose Quartz Engagement Ring
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    Engagement ring: sterling silver, rose gold, and rose quartz. Hug-shaped design: two sterling silver arms, one with a rustic finish, the other with a polished finish, ranging from smallest to largest, are joined in the form of small clubs to hug a rose quartz. The treasure is completed by a thread and rose gold inlays. Polished interior with custom...

  • Black Diamond Engagement Ring
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    Personalized engagement ring: white gold with two brilliant cut diamonds, one on the outside of the ring and one on the inside. Increscendo half-round section: thinner at the back and wider at the front, to include both diamonds. Ice scratched exterior finish. Polished edges and interior. Rhodium plating. Personalized Quim jewel for Mercè. Inscription...

  • Princess Ring

    Personalized princess ring: 18K rose gold and seven rose cut diamonds of different diameters. Starting with a rosette in the center with a diamond set, the ring decreases accommodating three more diamonds on each side. Ideal as an engagement ring or to wear a jewel like no other on a daily basis. Polished finish.

  • White Gold Heart Engagement Ring

    Engagement ring in white gold with an off-center heart, also in white gold. Polished finish inside and heart, with white rhodium plating. Exterior finish with hammered texture and black rhodium plating, to gain contrast. Personalized jewel from Agustí, for Maite, with inscription inside to make sure the "Yes, I want" :)

  • Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

    Engagement ring: sterling silver and rough diamond. Rustic to polished design, wide to narrow. The ends are joined in the form of small clubs that shelter a rough diamond. Polished edges. Interior with a date and a question mark ;-)

  • Classical Deluxe Engagement Ring

    Engagement ring: 18kt white gold and diamonds, with rhodium plating. Classic and at the same time luxurious design. It seems contradictory, but it is not: "classical" because it responds to the canon of what in jewelery we call a "half alliance": a ring half the curve of which consists of a rail of precious stones. "Luxury" because the simplicity of the...

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items