Gifts for teachers

Small gifts for teachers that leave their mark. Gifts to make among the entire class of children for the teacher of the year, as recognition and thanks. Choose your MeriTomasa treasure or tell me what you are thinking and I will transform it into a little gem.

Gifts for teachers

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  • The art of living Bracelet
    2 Review(s)

    Personalized sterling silver rigid bracelet. With a dedication, abroad: "Today Begins the Art of Living Well", to celebrate the retirement of a good friend and a great teacher of Art History. Polished interior and exterior. scratched edges.

  • Original Name Necklace Quick view
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    Original Name Necklace
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    Necklace with personalized name in sterling silver, in original version: when you wear it, it looks like a set of metal strips of inscrutable meaning, but if you put it horizontal, a name appears. After receiving your order I send you 2 different sketches for you to choose if you want all the letters of the same length or of different lengths. Glossy...

    90,08 €
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  • Custom Name Necklace Quick view
    57,02 € In Stock
    Custom Name Necklace
    11 Review(s)

    Personalized name necklace in sterling silver, to give as a gift or to give yourself a gift. After receiving your order I will send you 4 different sketches to choose from, or you can send me your own typography, for example the name of your daughter written by herself. You can also add a star or a heart at the beginning or at the end. Polished finish....

    57,02 €
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  • Bracelet for the Teacher

    Insert engraved on both sides. One face with a drawing of the primary school curriculum and the other a small phrase, all chosen and drawn by the students' parents themselves. I just passed it to metal. Polished finish and darkened engraving. Sterling silver terminals and clasp.

  • Everything Is To Do... Bracelet
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    Personalized sterling silver bracelet. With a secret message, inside, borrowed from Miquel Martí i Pol: "Because everything is to be done...". Abroad two years, 1988-2018, to celebrate the 30th of a good friend. Polished interior and exterior. striped edges.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items