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Custom jewelry

Custom jewels for all tastes and budgets. Personalized jewelry where you decide the meaning, design, materials or finishes to fill each treasure with something much more valuable than the splendor of metal: you!

Custom jewelry

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  • Coordinate Bracelets Quick view
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    Coordinate Bracelets

    Personalized bracelets with your coordinates and those of your partner, in sterling silver, with the terminals and carabiner also in sterling silver. Polished finish. Sterling silver and triple black nylon thread. Coordinates with darkened laser engraving. Choose your coordinates and those of your partner. You can choose common coordinates, or each one...

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  • Rose Cross

    Personalized Rosicrucian: on the obverse, a sterling silver cross with an engraved rose in its center, an ornate background and a heart as icing. On the reverse, a name and a date. A unique gift with a unique date... and for an even more unique recipient! 45cm sterling silver chain included, with ring to shorten to 40cm.

  • Conguito Ring

    Personalized ring in sterling silver, with the silhouette of Conguito, Anna and Alfred's favorite pet, and the name and date of the meeting of this feline. Polished interior and exterior, silhouette of Conguito in darkened silver, name and date also in darkened silver, and sides with shiny stripes imitating cat hair.

  • Chakana
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    Chakana in sterling silver, in the form of a pendant. Gray nylon thread. The Chakana is a Quechua word that means "ladder". In Aymara, pusi chakani, "the one with the four bridges". It is also known as the "Andean cross" or "square cross". The chakana is an ancient symbol, more than 4,000 years old, aboriginal of pre-Columbian peoples, especially of the...

  • えいえん Wedding Rings
    1 Review(s)

    Personalized alliances in 18K gold, with the inscription in Japanese え い え ん, shared between both rings. Google Translate says it means "eternal". Boyfriends tell me no, it means "forever". What is undeniable is that the message can only be read when you put both wedding bands together. In addition, within each one of them there is an added inscription....

  • Orion Wedding Keychains
    1 Review(s)

    What if instead of marrying with wedding rings, you marry with keyrings? Personalized keyrings in sterling silver, which are Judit and Jordi's wedding bands. Personalized inscription on both sides, in darkened silver. On the one side "Orion" (a secret between Judit and Jordi). On the other side, their names and the date they met. The two keychains fit,...

  • Twin Seeds Pendant Quick view
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    Twin Seeds Pendant
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    Sterling silver seed pendant made up of two parts. Special version for siblings or twins. Customizable inscriptions on the two seeds, both on the outside and inside of each one. Polished finish. Black nylon thread with terminals and sterling silver area.

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  • Seed Bracelet Quick view
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    Seed Bracelet
    2 Review(s)

    Sterling silver seed shaped bracelet made up of two parts. The inner seed represents the baby. The outer seed corresponds to the father or mother, who embrace the future big man or superwoman and shelter him. The father or mother wears it to fill it with experiences in fruitful use. When the baby is older, the future big man or the future superwoman will...

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  • Silver Connection Wedding Rings

    Personalized wedding rings in sterling silver. His has an outward triangle that fits into the same inward triangle that hers has. The meaning is multiple and to the taste of each consumer: from metaphysics to porn :) ...but there is something undeniable: the two alliances fit together perfectly, like the bride and groom. Blacked hammered exterior....

  • Midas Star Ring

    Star of Midas ring in sterling silver, with darkened engraving, Reiki symbol of abundance. Exclusive design and artisan production.

  • Greek Initial Necklace

    Custom name necklace in sterling silver, Montse's surprise self gift for herself: never is a bad time to surprise yourself with something pretty :) In fact, it is not one necklace but two. A necklace with the initials in Greek of Montse and her husband, Pep. And another necklace with the initial of Ot, their son in common, which includes a diamond. Since...

  • Black Gold Wedding Rings
    1 Review(s)

    Personalized alliances in 18K white gold, with white rhodium plating except for the central part of the outside of the ring, where we apply a black rhodium plating to create the "black gold effect". Rectangular section with rounded inner edges. 5mm high: 1mm polished edges with white rhodium plating and central 3mm with chaos hammered finish and black...

  • Espadrilles Necklace
    1 Review(s)

    Personalized necklace with sterling silver espadrilles, a gift from the companions of the Esbart Dansaire Santvicentí for Alba, which after many years hangs its shoes. Exclusive design, with the espadrilles on one side and the acronym of the institution the other, with the typography based on the logo of the entity. Polished finish. Chain to 45cm with a...

  • Little Mice Bracelet

    Personalized bracelet in sterling silver and yellow gold plating, gift for a mother of her three children, whom she has always called "my little mice". The chain ends with some final rings, so that it is easy to wear it longer or shorter, with the excess pieces hanging, which now is very trendy. Exclusive design made by the client, with technical...

  • Name Necklace :: Roc
    1 Review(s)

    Custom name necklace, in 18K yellow gold, a surprise gift from Martí for his wife, in maternity, the day Roc was born. Roc's aunt liked it so much that she also ordered one for her, in sterling silver. Personalized typography: Martí wrote it in his own hand, and I turned it into precious metal. Two necklaces. One 18K gold. Another sterling silver....

  • Infinity Ring
    1 Review(s)

    Personalized ring in 18K yellow gold based on the motif of th symbol of infinity, without beginning or end. Exclusive Design: It's an infinite infinite ring: there is no cut between the different lines to indicate which is the one that overlaps and the one that does not, so that it's impossible to see any beginning or end.

  • Infinity Knot Pendant
    1 Review(s)

    Custom pendant in 18K yellow gold based on the motif of an infinite knot, without beginning or end. Exclusive design, with slots on the front so that you can understand when the line goes above and when it goes below, so that it's easier to follow the trace of the infinite knot. On the other hand, on the reverse, the design is flat, to avoid any possible...

  • Black Hammered Wedding Rings

    Personalized wedding rings in sterling silver with a dark hammered finish and a yellow gold inlay on her ring, in the shape of a semicircle. Four millimeters wide. Exterior finish in blacked hammered silver texture. Polished interior and non-rounded edges.

  • Star Bracelet with Names

    Personalized bracelet in sterling silver in the shape of a five-pointed star, with the name of the protagonist in the center and that of her husband and their four children at the ends. Polished finish with darkened silver engravings. Nylon thread.

  • Smoky Quartz Earrings
    1 Review(s)

    Custom earrings: smoky quartz and sterling silver. Dark silver with rustic finish on the front and sides, and polished on the back. Pressure lock.

  • Name Necklace :: Mercè with butterfly

    Custom name necklace for Mercè, surprise gift at her birthday party. Custom typography: Jasmina wrote Mercè's name and together with her sister Gisela they also wanted to add the Buddhist symbol of Om and a butterfly. Sterling silver. Polished finish. Chain with ring also in sterling silver, prepared to be shortened to size. Order yours online: your...

  • Little Heart Necklace

    Necklace with little heart. Exclusive design, with a slightly twisted heart, as in the best loves. Chain of balls. Polished finish on one side and shiny scratch on the other. Little heart, following the Catalan saying: "in the small pot there is the good jam."

  • Dragon Tail Ring

    Two personalized sterling silver rings with a dragon tail design. Two different finishes. In both cases, polished silver. But the second also has a ruthenium bath to darken it. Design from the detailed study of the prehistoric dragons that ruled the skies.

  • Greyhound Pin

    Custom pin in sterling silver, with the Galgos 112 logo. Sterling silver (including the pin clasp, which is also sterling silver). Polished finish, darkened bottom.

Showing 1 - 24 of 399 items