Custom Keychains 

Personalized keychains made exclusively for each key master. A perfect jewel for men as it does not hurt masculinities. Keyrings to carry all the jumble of keys or just for that special door... what better for such an extraordinary occasion than accompany it with an exclusive keychain?

Custom Keychains

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  • Orion Wedding Keychains
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    What if instead of marrying with wedding rings, you marry with keyrings? Personalized keyrings in sterling silver, which are Judit and Jordi's wedding bands. Personalized inscription on both sides, in darkened silver. On the one side "Orion" (a secret between Judit and Jordi). On the other side, their names and the date they met. The two keychains fit,...

  • Light Bulb Keychain

    Personalized keychain in sterling silver. Isabel's gift for Jordi. Ahead is the silhouette of a light bulb, engraved in darkened silver. Behind the name of the owner of the treasure. Glossy finish (not polished: silver polished on a smooth plate requires a lot of maintenance and the best solution is to sandblast it a little).

  • Corporate Keychain Quick view
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    Corporate Keychain
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    Corporate keychain personalized with the company logo, in sterling silver. The best gift, or self-gift, for entrepreneurs. For those who have been after a dream many days after day, and for those who begin to dream now. Keychain, chain and key ring, all in sterling silver. Polished finish, with logo and engraved and darkened texts, to give contrast and...

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  • Gamers Keychain

    Personalized sterling silver keychains for two gamers. Gift of Lourdes for José María engagement ring type: José María has already made the request for her hand, and Lourdes does not want to be less. Girls are warriors! 30x30mm, plus the chain and the key ring, all in sterling silver. Polished finish, with the background of the letters darkened. Wedding...

  • Seeds Pendant and Keychain Quick view
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    Seeds Pendant and Keychain

    Sterling silver pendant and keychain in the shape of seeds. The inner seed corresponds to the father. The exterior to the mother. Both represent the future big man or superwoman and shelter him. They are worn by the parents to fill them with experiences in fruitful use. When the baby is older, she will inherit both jewels loaded with good memories....

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  • Seed Keychain Quick view
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    Seed Keychain

    Sterling silver seed shaped keychain made up of two parts. The inner seed represents the baby. The outer seed corresponds to the father or mother, who embrace the future big man or superwoman and shelter him. The father or mother wears it to fill it with experiences in fruitful use. When the baby is older, the future big man or the future superwoman will...

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  • Seeds Keychain IV

    Personalized sterling silver keychain, inspired by the Seeds II Pendant and Keychain. Two seeds with handcrafted inscription, polished finish and all in sterling silver, including the key ring. Maica's gift for Joan Ramon.

  • Wolf Keychain

    Keychain in the shape of a hand that makes a wolf, as in Chinese shadows, in sterling silver. Polished finish and secret message on the reverse.

  • Wow set! Bone Keychain and Footprint Pin
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    Personalized outfit for Helena and her great friend, Rai. Made up of 2 pieces: a bone-shaped keychain and a pin with the imprint of a dog. Ready to see it and think, "Wow!" Bone shaped keychain in sterling silver, with the letters of Helena in 18K yellow gold and the imprint of Rai in bronze. This footprint fits perfectly into the groove of the pin....

  • Lovers Keychain

    Keychain with the silhouette of a couple in love. The profile is a thick silver base. The drawing is inspired by the profile of the same couple who commissioned me. On the one hand, it also has an engraving: "Junts x semper", along with the couple's initials. Polished finish. 3.5cm from top to bottom by 4mm thick.

  • Aesculapius Staff Keychain/Pendant
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    Aesculapius cane keychain or pendant, symbol of medicine. The piece is designed so that it can be used as a keychain or, removing the ring, as a pendant. Inspired by the Aesculapius rod pendant: also made in sterling silver but with four important changes: the ambivalent design (key ring or pendant), the absence of the back plate support, some aesthetic...

  • Boxing Gloves Keychain

    Keychain in the form of boxing gloves. The relief is about 35x40mm approx, plus the rings and the key ring. Modeled after a drawing of Mí, the girl who commissioned the piece from me.

Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items