Meritxell Tomasa, jeweler and artisan goldsmith

Specializing in personalized jewelry and online jewels

Hello! I am Meritxell Tomasa, designer and manufacturer of personalized jewelry and jewelry collections for sale online. In October 2016 I opened the doors of my own workshop: The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory, with an online store since 2016 and jewelry in Manresa (Barcelona) since December 2019.

Before, I worked in the workshops of Víctor Vizcaíno (high jewelry), TOUS (multinational jewelry) and Mar Cucurella (signature jewelry).

I studied at Escola Massana from Barcelona (Bachelor in Arts and Design), and later in Córdoba, a city with a long tradition of goldsmiths and silversmiths, in schools Cenjosur (Specialization in Fire Drawn) and Dionisio Ortiz (Higher Cycle in Artistic Jewelry and Silverware), where I was an apprentice to the teachers Rafael de Dios and Rodolfo de Dios, among other very great teachers. I have also taken various specialization courses in casting, glass modeling, setting precious stones or 3D machining

At the MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory, I make treasures for all tastes and pockets. This month the first 10 go with double love, as a gift! Request your budget now.

Meri Tomasa
Hi! I'm Meritxell Tomasa
I design, manufacture and repair treasures with a very special formula: 50% is precious metal. And the other 50% is you.

My proposal is based on slow jewelery: artisan jewelry with its own workshop, accredited as a handicraft product by the Goverment of Catalonia and with 100% love guaranteed by each of my treasures :-)


Spectacular ring!! We have reinvented a new alliance with my wife, it will seem like a repetition of comments but they are not exaggerating, I have looked at Atlantean rings on websites, markets, etc. Even my ring so far was an Atlantean ring from Egypt itself and nothing to do with exquisiteness and beauty created by the hand of Meritxell, the definition of the forms I have never seen so marked, the six pyramids are pyramids, the triangles, the interior engraving, a whole spectacle of magic put on the ring (...) From these lines, thanks again Meritxell for your job well done. Hugs!!

Josep Atlantis Ring in Gold, Silver and Copper

A dream come true. To say that we are delighted with the result is an understatement. They are a dream come true, Meri has managed to make something very ours real and could not have done it better. She has been super professional and charming, accessing all the suggestions, the result of which are incredible and unique alliances. Without a doubt the best choice for something so beautiful.

Tamara Alianzas Yin y Yang