The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory

How are the jewels born?

Through the creation of a lapel needle I show you some of the basic techniques to make a purely handmade jewel. From the design and casting of the sterling silver ingot to the drawing of fire, segmented, welded, sanding, finishing the piece and packaging... The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory is up and running!

Video by Xevi Domene Photographer.

Jewelry and artisan goldsmithing

Precious metal working is my specialty: silver, gold, platinum... I am a fire-wrench (I work from the ingot casting to the last solder), but I don't like to pigeonhole, so I am very familiar with metals like bronze, copper, brass or iron to create larger pieces. I also know of enamels, patinas, precious stone nailing, engraving, embossing and chiselling and casting. And other materials: waxes, glass, resins, textiles, woods... And from related disciplines such as graphic design and 3D machining.

The services offered by my treasures factory are:

  • Custom jewelry made to measure for all tastes and budgets:
    • Personalized jewelry tailored to each client: wedding bands, engagement rings, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, name necklaces, name jewelry, baby jewelry, bride jewelry, groom jewelry, wedding jewelry, jewelry sets, headbands, hair sticks, brooches, fibulae, clips, pins, safety pins, thimbles, key chains, tie clips, cufflinks, cigar cutters, bookmarks, trophies and commemorative plaques... if you can imagine it, surely at the MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory I can make it happen.
    • Goldsmith and boilermaking, also newly created.
    • Composition of jewelry pieces and goldsmith restoration
  • I also have for sale different jewelry collections in short series that you can buy online on this website or physically in my store in Manresa (Barcelona).

My value proposition is to create products where it is you who decides the shape, the materials, the finishes... That you can be part of the manufacturing process and thus begin to fill the object with something more sensitive than the lavishness that metal brings. It is a more intimate, romantic, exclusive and quality work.

So don't think about it anymore and tell me what your idea is. I quickly calculate your budget without obligation. Everything is possible in the MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory