Shipping & Returns

The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory makes shipments of treasures to any part of Spain with DHL, and also makes international shipments with DHL.

You can now buy online at MeriTomasa in Spain and the 27 countries of the European Union. In addition, you can also buy online from many other countries around the world. If you want to buy a MeriTomasa's treasure and receive it with international shipping in a country that is not on my list, get in touch with me and I send you a personalized quote by email.

Shipping costs

Transportation costs are indicated at the time of ordering, depending on the shipping options available and those chosen by each customer:

  • Shipments to Spain with DHL are free.
  • International shipments with DHL involve an added cost to the price of each treasure, which I will detail in your shopping cart if online sales are active in your country or by email if online sales are not yet active in your country.

MeriTomasa is not responsible for delays caused by DHL.

On international shipments, you should be aware that some countries may add tariffs (also called import or customs duties or taxes):

  • The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory does not have the means to determine them, so you must be aware that, if there are, you will have to pay for them at the place of delivery and I cannot inform you in advance of what the cost will be. these hypothetical tariff rates.
  • Keep in mind that if the customs claim these tariffs and you as a customer do not want to be responsible for them, I will have to choose as the person responsible for the shipment whether to assume that payment not included in the price from MerITomasa or request the destruction of the jewel at customs: my profit margin is very tight and, in this case, I will have to opt for the request for the destruction of the jewel, and therefore I will not be able to send you your treasure or refund its price.

Delivery times: payment, preparation of the treasure and shipping

The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory is a small company specialized in personalized jewelry. Most of my jewelry pieces are personalized or are part of short series collections, so I only have some treasures in stock. I work on request, preparing each order at the request of each client. This is why upon receiving confirmation of payment for your order it will take me between 7 and 15 working days to send it to you. If your order is urgent, contact me and I will do my best to speed up the production process.

In jewels that include engravings, check the text entered well because it will be engraved as you write it (spelling...).

If you want a personalized jewel, I will email you a free quote:

  • For treasures of more than € 100: if the budget seems good to you and you want to make the purchase, I will send you my bank details so that you can make a 20% down payment to confirm your order. After receiving the payment and signal I elaborate the design of the piece. As soon as we have the design closed, you must make the payment of the remaining 80% to manufacture the jewel in my workshop. Once the treasure has been prepared, I will send you photos to confirm that everything is correct and all that remains is to mail your personalized treasure.
  • For treasures of less than € 100: if the budget is right for you and you want to make the purchase, I will send you my bank details so that you can make the 100% payment of the amount to confirm your order. After receiving it I elaborate the design of the piece. As soon as we have the design closed, your treasure will enter the workshop. Once prepared, I will send you photos to confirm that everything is correct and all that remains is to mail your personalized treasure.

In both cases, the process usually takes between 7 and 20 working days.

Shipping times are different depending on whether they are shipments to Spain or international shipments:

  • The shipping time is between 1 and 3 business days to any destination in Spain, by DHL, or to any destination in the European Union, by DHL. If the postman does not find the recipient at the specified address, they will leave you a receipt so that you can pick up the package from the nearest Post Office within 15 days (you must bring your ID). After this time, the package will be returned to MeriTomasa. If you no longer want the package, MeriTomasa will refund the purchase amount by subtracting the shipping costs (except for personalized jewelry, where no return is made). If you want a new shipping attempt to be made, you will have to bear the new shipping costs.
  • The shipping time to any international destination depends on each country. I use DHL for my international shipments, which will keep you informed of every step of the way through email or sms. It will notify you of the distribution and make a delivery attempt. If it does not find the recipient, it will inform both you and me. The recipient will then be contacted to schedule a second delivery attempt, or the package will be stored at the nearest DHL point of convenience to be picked up. If the recipient does not proceed to collect the package, DHL will send it back to the MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory. In the case of returns, the customer must pay the shipping costs to and from MeriTomasa. In other words, the amount paid will be refunded by subtracting the shipping costs for the round trip (except for personalized jewelry, where no refund is made).

    In the case of international shipments, delays can sometimes occur because Spanish customs or customs from a third country want to inspect the package. In that case, I receive a notification and always take all possible steps to urge customs to finish the inspection quickly, but it is not in my power to determine how many days it can take.


The return is conditional on whether you have ordered a personalized treasure from me or if you have bought one of my short series jewels:

  • In the case of personalized jewelery, the MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory does not admit return, since each jewel has been designed and made at the request of each client. I can only consider the return in the event that there is an error in the manufacture of the jewel by MeriTomasa. If the jewel is in accordance with the design agreed with the client, there is no possible return. Atlantis collection and Tetragrammaton collection are also considered a personalized jewel, since I have no stock and I make each piece on request.
  • In the case of short series jewelery (not personalized), you can make the return within 14 calendar days. The refund of the purchase amount will be made after checking that the jewel is in perfect condition. Shipping charges will not be refunded. The costs of returning to MeriTomasa are always at your expense as well.

And what if I want to make a change to my treasure? If you want to modify the size of the ring or the length of the chain, contact me detailing the modification you want to make. You must cover the shipping costs to and from MeriTomasa and back to your delivery address (specifying the amount and method of payment with MeriTomasa). You must also assume a 10% surcharge of the price of the new size, plus the difference between the price of both sizes (if applicable). My recommendation: please make sure of the measurements or the size of the treasures that you order from me. For example, if you order me a ring, my recommendation is that you visit one or more jewelry stores in person to know the Tatum measurement of the finger where you want to wear it.

And you also have to take into account...

The RRP of the pieces does not include a chain unless otherwise specified. If you also want to buy a chain or cord, visit the section of chains and laces. If you want to add an engraving to your treasure or you would like with some modification contact me.