Atlantis Ring in Gold, Silver and Copper

Gold, silver and copper

Artisan Atlantis Ring, made of gold, silver and copper. No tricks or baths! All the materials are solid. Elaboration on request: each ring is unique.

The most classical and purest version of the Atlantis Ring: ideal fans of personal growth, reiki or esotericism... 3 central parallel triangular sections in gold, silver and copper (Luxor waveform), followed by six pyramids and two isosceles triangles, with four holes in the north, south, and 30 degrees east and west, and an internal engraving in the form of a symbol of infinity, the lemniscate. Polished finish.

Also called Luxor Ring, Atlantean Ring or Egyptian Ring.

MeriTomasa exclusive packaging included + International Shipments with DHL.

And if you like it but would prefer it with some changes... please tell me and we will talk about it :)

Don´t you know what your size is? I tell you the best tricks in How to measure the size of your ring? or, if you already know your size but it is from another country, use this international size converter (You can choose the closest Spanish measure to make your purchase, and then tell me in comments your measure of your country or your measure in millimeters or inches, and I will elaborate your Atlantis Ring exactly in the measure that you indicate). And if you have any doubt... Just contact me!

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Data sheet

MaterialGold, silver and copper

More info

Atlantis Ring: artisanal elaboration at the MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory

How are the Atlantis Rings born in my Treasures Factory? From the alloy and casting of each metal, through the construction and modeling of the ring, to the polishing and packaging. All the ins and outs of my workshop. I tell you in the first person how I discovered this treasure and what moves me to continue developing it every day with more affection:

Video by Núria Oliveras

Why choose the version in three metals: gold, silver and copper? And why buy it at MeriTomasa?

For him or her: a unisex modelFor him or her: the Atlantis Ring in three metals is a unisex model for boys and girls and men and women!

The best model of the hands of an MeriTomasa's Atlantis RingThe best model for the hands of a MeriTomasa's Atlantis Ring is... a client showing it off!

The best model of the hands of an MeriTomasa's Atlantis RingThe best model for the hands of a MeriTomasa's Atlantis Ring is... another client showing it off! The photo is from one of my first international orders, from Florida USA.

No tricks or baths! If you have taken a look around the Internet, you may have found it cheaper: you may have seen Atlantis Rings only in sterling silver (or lower quality silver) or made with other metals (such as stainless steel). Another trick that I recommend you consider is asking if the gold and copper are solid or have mass produced the Atlantis Ring in silver and then added the copper and gold with a bath.

The main difference of my Atlantis Rings with respect to the serial productions that you can find on other websites is the quality and the artisanal manufacturing. I only work with noble metals (sterling silver and 18K gold, and in the case of the Atlantis Ring also with electrolytic copper). And I make each piece by hand. The result is a unique and quality ring. Stronger and more durable:

  • The most authentic Atlantis Ring, in three metals: gold, silver and copper: gold is related to the Sun (or God) and the active energy of masculinity. Silver is related to the Moon (or Earth) and the passive energy of femininity and fertility. Copper is related to Venus, goddess of Love, and is a great conductor of heat, electricity or psychic energy. The three materials share the polar sections of the ring, to harmonically compensate their opposites and facilitate the capture and conduction of energy.
  • The most esoteric Atlantis Ring: this version in three metals is the most classic and pure version. Especially recommended for fans of esotericism or personal growth in general and of the Atlantis Ring as a talisman, amulet or channeler of energies in particular.
  • The most artisanal Atlantis Ring: I do not get the three colors through a bath but by melting the three metals in their respective sections, so I do not offer you a jewel in silver plated with gold and copper, but a solid jewel of sterling silver, 18K gold and electrolytic copper.
  • The most exclusive Atlantis Ring: If you take a look online, you will find many Atlantis Rings made of a single metal (silver, steel, copper...), sometimes perhaps finished with a bath of another or other metals. Making the Atlantis Ring in a single metal allows it to be manufactured in series, using molds. My Atlantis Ring is different: it is not possible to mass-produce it in three different solid metals. To be able to make it that way, it is necessary to make a craft in a jewelry workshop. So the treasure that I offer you is unique and exclusive.

Copper oxidation notice

This Atlantis Ring design is the most typical, with 60% of the ring in silver and the three front bands in gold, silver and copper. However, you should keep in mind that copper is a material that oxidizes on contact with skin, sweat or cosmetics. This implies that it can generate a greenish coloration of the skin with which it is in contact and that the electrolytic copper band of the ring can be darkened by the effect of that same oxidation. It does not always happen (it depends on the reaction of the skin and the sweating of each person, or the use of certain cosmetics) but it is a characteristic to take into account.

Despite this regret, it is my favorite version of the ring and the one I recommend the most, especially for esoteric or personal growth uses. If, however, you prefer to avoid the use of copper, you can purchase the Atlantis Ring in yellow gold, silver and rose gold.

Comparative table between the different models of the MeriTomasa Atlantis Ring

The various Atlantean ring models from The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory share the same design, based on the laws of sacred geometry and the golden ratio. The only thing that changes is the precious metal or metals with which they are modeled.

This change is not trivial: it implies substantial differences in price since a gram of gold is much more expensive than a gram of silver. It also implies substantial differences depending on what you want to use your ring for.

You can see the differences in this table:



In short

Recommended for...

Atlantis in silver
Atlantis Ring in sterling silver
100% silver€ 119The exclusive design of the Atlantis Ring, but made only in sterling silver, so it is more economical.Believers but not so much :-) An ideal solution to have your Atlantis Ring at a much more accessible cost.
Atlantis in gold, silver and copper
Atlantis Ring in gold, silver and copper
60% silver
13,3% gold
13,3% silver
13,3% copper
From € 295
The most authentic, most esoteric, most artisanal and most exclusive design of the Atlantis Ring, with the three central sections modeled in three different metals (18K gold, sterling silver and electrolytic copper) and the rest of the ring in sterling silver.Ideal fans of personal growth, reiki or esotericism in general and of the Atlantis Ring as a talisman or an energies channeler in particular. This is the most authentic and pure version, with the combination of the three metals: the gold of the Sun, the silver of the Moon and the copper of Venus.
Atlantis in gold, silver and rose gold
Atlantis in gold, silver and rose gold
60% silver
13,3% gold
13,3% silver
13,3% rose gold
From € 445Identical to the Atlantis ring in gold, silver and copper, but exchanging the copper for rose gold.Would you like to have a three metal Atlantis Ring but are you worried that copper can oxidize more easily? Do you prefer a version of the Atlantis with less maintenance? The solution is an Atlantis Ring in yellow gold, silver and rose gold.
Atlantis in gold and silver
Atlantis in gold and silver
60% silver
40% gold
From € 595
The exclusive design of the Atlantis Ring, but with a Premium execution: the central sections are modeled only in 18K gold and the rest of the ring in sterling silver.Ideal as a wedding band for lovers with good energy: it is the best-selling model as wedding rings. Between the jewel and the talisman: a ring to show off that is also a personal energy channeler or to share with your partner.
Atlantis in rose gold and silver
Atlantis Ring in rose gold and silver
60% silver
40% rose gold
From € 595
Identical model to the Atlantis Ring in 18K yellow gold and silver. The only difference is the color of the gold: either yellow or rose.Forest Magician version: If the yellow gold version is more energetic and Apollonian, this is the version for fairies and wizards of the forest, for the reddish and Venusian spell of rose gold. Ideal weddings: yellow for him and rose for her. Or rose for them :-)
Atlantis in gold
Atlantis Ring in gold
100% yellow goldFrom € 1.145The exclusive design of the Atlantis Ring, but with a Premium Imperator execution: the entire ring is forged only in 18K yellow gold.Ideal as a wedding band, as a jewel to show off or as a personal energy channeler. Fan version of the most exclusive artisan jewelery: the most energetic, luxurious, durable and allergy-proof Atlantis.
Atlantis in rose gold
Atlantis Ring in rose gold
100% rose goldFrom € 1.145
Identical model to the Atlantis Ring in 18K yellow gold. The only difference is the color of the gold: either yellow or rose.Forest Magician version: if the yellow gold version is Premium Imperator, for its elegance and splendor, this is the version for fairies and forest magicians, for the reddish and Venusian charm of rose gold.
Atlantis Ring in Three Golds
Atlantis Ring in Three Golds
60% yellow gold
13,3% yellow gold
13,3% white gold
13,3% rose gold
From € 1.245Solid 18kt gold. The difference is that the Luxor wave bands are made of yellow, white and rose gold.It is my most exclusive Atlantis Ring because it is molded 100% in 18K gold and at the same time offers you the characteristic Atlantis design with the Luxor wave shape in three colors, made in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. In this way, it brings together in a single ring the value of its precious metal and the artisanal elaboration in three golds, with its own design.
Atlantis in copper
Atlantis Ring in copper
100% copper€ 119Geek of copper version. Only for fans of the favorite metal of the goddess Venus and of alchemists, witches and druidsOnly for very fans of copper: I do not recommend it because the oxidation of the copper can darken the ring and leave your skin with a green tint.

Sacred geometry: the golden ratio and the Phi number

Atlantis Ring perspectivesVarious 3D perspectives of MeriTomasa's Treasure Factory Atlantis Ring design: top, perspective, back and right.

I am neither a magician nor a priestess. I am not a specialist in Feng Shui, Reiki, dowsing or kinesiology. And I'm also not a specialist in personal growth or channeling positive energies. I'm a jeweler. That is why on my website I speak little about the benefits and uses of the Atlantis ring. My mission is not to explain how it is activated or how to use it as an amulet or as an energy channeler. If you have reached this page, perhaps you will know more about it than I do, and in my experience each client expects a different use or benefits from their Atlantis Ring.

My mission as a jeweler is to offer you a top quality Atlantis Ring both in relation to the precious metals that make it and in relation to the design, forging and finishing process.

On the other hand, it is true that I am very interested in the subject of personal growth and I have taken courses on channeling positive energies, so that both from the point of view of jewelry and from the point of view of personal growth, I have been designing for years and forge Atlantis Rings and have endeavored to document their optimal design and manufacturing process.

The Atlantis Ring is a piece of sacred geometry. That is, from the branch of mathematics that studies geometric shapes related to divinity or, in general, to everything that transcends the physical, such as mysticism or philosophy. It focuses on the forms that are present in nature created by the gods (for example the leaf of a tree) or that must be present in the design of sacred works created by men, such as temples (from the Parthenon in Athens to European Gothic cathedrals)... or the Atlantis Rings.

Today, sacred geometry has many applications in personal growth techniques or spiritual beliefs and practices of Eastern origin such as Reiki or Feng Shui.

For example, Leonardo Fibonacci discovered that plant growth always occurs in a certain order. The sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233... If a term of this sequence is divided by the previous one, repeating the process the number goes approaching 1.6180339 (89/55), coinciding with the golden number defined by Euclid.

In ancient times, sacred geometry is typical of scientifically advanced societies (such as classical Greece), who continue to be deeply believers in their gods, and therefore relate their scientific advances to the cult of divinity.

Surely there are many concepts of sacred geometry that you know. One is the number Pi: 3.1416... Another different is the number Phi: 1.6180339... The number Phi is also known by many other names: gold number, extreme and average ratio, golden ratio, golden mean and divine ratio. The golden number and the golden section are present in all regular or semiregular geometric objects in which there is pentagonal symmetry, pentagons or somehow the square root of five appears.

Atlantis Ring symbology: How do you apply sacred geometry, the golden ratio, and the Phi number to the design of Atlantis Rings?

The Atlantis Ring is a circle that is divided into 5 equal parts of 72 degrees each, generating a harmonic pentagonThe Atlantis Ring is a circle that is divided into 5 equal parts of 72 degrees each, generating a harmonic pentagon.

The Atlantis Ring contains a triangle equal to the Cheops pyramidWe made two holes in the polar axis and two more that coincide with the 30º latitude of the planet. By joining them together they generate a triangle equal to the pyramid of Cheops.

By inverting the Cheops triangle we draw another triangle, which indicates the position of the six outer pyramidsBy inverting the Cheops triangle we draw another triangle, which indicates the position of the six outer pyramids, from which two separate outer triangles depart to the lateral holes.

What makes the Atlantis Ring unique is that it brings together in a small artifact a good part of the guidelines of sacred geometry, and especially that the entire design of the ring is based on the golden section or Phi number, while it is built with Precious metals that balance each other. Hence its use as an amulet or channeler of energy according to multiple religious, esoteric, mystical or growth and personal balance traditions.

The fundamental function of the Atlantis Ring is to generate energy fields on one of the meridians that flow through our organism and flow into our fingers so that from there they radiate to the entirety of our bioplasmic field. That is why nothing in its design is free: each of its materials and shapes has its motif and meaning.:

  • The Atlantis Ring is a circle that is divided into 5 equal parts of 72 degrees each, generating a harmonic pentagon. In this most classic design, the bottom three fifths are silver and the top two fifths are forged from three precious metals, all of which are solid: gold, silver, and copper.
  • Three metals: gold, silver and copper: gold is related to the Sun (or God) and the active energy of masculinity. Silver is related to the Moon (or Earth) and the passive energy of femininity and fertility. Copper is related to Venus, goddess of Love, and is a great conductor of heat, electricity or psychic energy. The three materials share the polar sections of the ring, to harmonically compensate their opposites and facilitate the capture and conduction of energy.
  • We made four perforations: two in the polar axis (one in the north and one in the south) and two more that coincide with the 30º latitude of the planet. By joining together the north perforations and both sides a triangle is drawn equal to the Cheops pyramid.
  • By inverting the Cheops triangle we draw another triangle, which indicates the position of the six outer pyramids, from which two separate outer triangles depart to the lateral holes.
  • In the inner part, the line of infinity, also called Lemniscate, is the figure that describes the form of vibration of the energy. Its function is to serve as a multiplier, supplying positive energy and extracting negative energy. Hence the lines meet at the different perforations.
  • On the outside, from north to south, we find the three triangular sections (gold, silver and copper), which give way to six pyramids, and these to two isosceles triangles whose vertex marks the position of the lateral holes..

From the bioenergetic point of view, the approach is that the 4 holes (north, south, east, west) are the pathways through which the energies flow: the positive ones inward through the holes of the isosceles triangles and the negative ones outwards through the holes located in the north and south, thus forming a bioenergetic circle that permanently transforms negative energies into positive ones, which flow and multiply through the infinity line located inside the ring.

Outside, the three northern triangular sections, in the so-called "waves of Luxor", form a grid that absorbs the energies and distributes them to the six geometric pyramids and the two isosceles triangles in the that end, that act as purifiers and conductors of these energies towards the lateral holes in which they end in turn.

Why don't I seal my Atlantis Rings?

All the jewels that leave the MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory are sealed with my logo. It is my way of guaranteeing with the most precious thing I have, my brand, which is my name, that the treasures you buy at MeriTomasa are made with the precious metals that each piece indicates (sterling silver, 18-carat gold...) and that they are designed and modeled in my craft workshop. This rule has only one exception: my Atlantis Rings are the only MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory jewels that I do not sign with my seal. But why?

  • For technical reasons: As you can read on this page, the Atlantis Ring is an artifact calculated to the millimeter, where the different figures and proportions, from the Luxor-shaped Wave to the inner Lemniscate, are articulated forming a complex algorithm of sacred geometry and golden ratio. I do not want to alter those laws with my punch, nor is it placing it in the most discreet corner of the inside of the ring, and that is why I do not sign my pieces.
  • For artisan humility, and because I want to offer you my gift and offer it to the universe. It sounds a little hippie, but I feel it like that. Creating pieces of jewelry is my gift as an artisan, and that gift that has been given to me and allows me to live as a jeweler, I want to return to the world with humility and love for my craft. I sign all my treasures, with the exception of my Atlantis Rings, and that exception is my way of thanking and being humble, and of returning to the universe how much it has been given to me as a craftswoman of precious metals and magic strawberries and files.

If, despite the above, you want me to seal your Atlantsi Ring with my brand, let me know and I will find a place for you inside the ring. By default they are not sealed, but if you want it with a seal and you ask me explicitly when you order your Atlantis Ring, I add my brand.

The legend of Atlantis

Detail of the painting «The Lightning of Zeus», by the Russian painter Léon Bakst (1908)The destruction of Atlantis, in the detail of the painting "The lightning of Zeus", by the Russian painter Léon Bakst (1908).

The Atlantis Ring takes its name from the civilization of Atlantis, a military and cultural power that Plato describes in his dialogues Timeo and Critias, and it locates "beyond the Pillars of Hercules" approximately 9,000 years before Solon, that is to say, approximately 10,000 years before Christ.

According to Plato, Solon learned of the existence of Atlantis through Egypt. He describes it as an ancient civilization characterized by a great cultural and scientific evolution (for example, in the domain of mathematics), which allowed it to conquer much of western Europe and northern Africa, until it was stopped by the city of Athens. At that moment a catastrophe, which is not described, made the island and the Atlantean armies disappear at the same time, "in one day and one terrible night", as punishment from the gods for the excessive pride with which the Atlanteans had behaved in his vast empire.

Plato uses the myth of the destroyed island to articulate a parable about a civilization that, blinded by its own power and splendor, defies the gods themselves, for which it is punished and destroyed in one day and one night.

Plato and Aristotle, in Raphael's School of Athens

Plato and Aristotle, in Raphael's School of Athens, 1512.

There are no proven historical sources that attest to the real existence of Atlantis. For example, Aristotle, a disciple of Plato, believes that the story of Atlantis is a fiction, invented by his teacher: "The man who dreamed it made it disappear." Other ancient authors such as Strabo, Pliny the Elder or Plutarch were not so sure, but neither did they dare to support their historical existence.

Today the scientific community considers it a legend created by Plato himself, or perhaps a myth that the Athenian philosopher collected from the popular culture of his time. In this sense, Atlantis is a "myth": a general archetype in the mythologies of many religious, cultural and philosophical traditions: the story of an enormously advanced ancient civilization that suddenly collapses and disappears due to a natural catastrophe, punished by the gods for their excessive pride or impious character. It is the same myth that generates the myth of the universal Flood in the Bible, or in earlier or later myths of the Mesopotamian, Chinese, Hindu civilizations or those of pre-Columbian America.

Usually, a myth has part of history and part of aesthetics: it is based on a reading with religious, cultural or philosophical overtones of events that occurred in remote times of which not only do we have documentation.

Hence, conjectures proliferate about whether various ancient civilizations could be Atlantis and that many authors have speculated that possibility. For example, perhaps Atlantis was Tartessos (an enigmatic civilization that flourished in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, and therefore next to the Pillars of Hercules). Another example, Atlantis was the Minoan civilization in Crete (a civilization prior to classical Greece, which also collapsed suddenly and poorly documented and had notable commercial and cultural exchanges with both classical and with Egypt).

Howard Carter and the Atlantis Ring

The discovery of the Atlantis Ring is almost as controversial as the very existence of Atlantis. According to some sources, its discovery in an Egyptian tomb corresponds to the Marquis d'Agrain, a French Egyptologist, in 1860, in the Valley of the Kings, and later it became the property of the French dowser André de Bélizal, who along with his family popularized it and marketed. But the most popular version of their find is the one starring English explorer and archaeologist Howard Carter.

Tutankhamun's funeral mask at the Egyptian Museum in CairoTutankhamun's funeral mask at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

On November 5, 1922, in the Valley of the Kings, Howard Carter found the most famous royal tomb, that of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the so-called "boy pharaoh". On the 24th of the same month, Carter and his sponsor, the English nobleman Lord Carnavon, dug up to the sealed door where a world-renowned name, TUT-ANK-AMON, and a legend sculpted to scare looters appeared, the call "curse of the pharaoh": «Death will come on light wings on who hinders the peace of Pharaoh».

Howard CarterHoward Carter

On April 6, 1923 Lord Carnavon died at the Continental Hotel in Cairo. The cause of his death: an unknown disease. Thus began a series of deaths, whose victims were people who were related to the discovery of the famous tomb. It didn't take long for his brother, his secretary, Carter's assistant, three more collaborators to follow him... until he completed a total of twenty-three victims.

On December 19, 1966, the fateful list grows with the name of Mohammed Ibrahim, director of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. He had just signed an agreement with French diplomats and officials for Tutankhamun's treasure to be displayed in Paris at Le Petit Palais. As he passes the street, he is run over by a car and dies days later. In February 1972, his successor, Gamal Mehrez, signed another agreement to take Tutankhamun's treasure out of Egypt again, this time to London. Suffer a stroke and die.

The only person to survive this bizarre death streak was precisely the most "guilty" of all, Howard Carter, who died in London, at the age of 66, on March 2, 1939, almost 17 years after having desecrated the tomb of Tutankhamun.

What special protection did the famous English Egyptologist have? Carter was in possession of a ring, a breastplate against all the misfortunes that the most powerful wizards or witches could wish him: an Atlantis Ring. The English Egyptologist had found him years before in one of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, at the beginning of his career. It was the grave of a priest named Jua, where the bodies of him and his wife had appeared in perfect condition.

Atlantis Rings FAQ

How long does it take to make it and send it to me?

I make my Atlantis Rings one by one in my workshop and I have no stock. I need between 7 and 10 days to make your ring and between 1 and 3 days of shipping (Spain). For international shipments it could be a little more.

Are you in a hurry and need it before? Write me and I organize to elaborate it and send it to you as soon as possible.

How can I know the size of my finger?

In my blog I tell you all the tricks to know the Tatum size of your ring, but the best option is to go to a jewelry store where you can be measured with a ring sizer in a moment. You can go to a small neighborhood jewelry store if you have the confidence to be measured. If you think they can get angry asking them to measure you to buy somewhere else, the solution is to go to a shopping center. There you will find many franchised jewelers with very nice shop assistants who do not take two minutes to take your measurements. Better if instead of in a jewelry store you do it in two: this way you will be more sure of your Tatum size.

What if I make a mistake in size and ask you to change my size?

The Atlantis Ring cannot be made smaller or larger because it is made following the golden ratio and would be disproportionate. The only option in these cases is that you contact me to return it to me and that I send you a new ring. You can do it within 14 calendar days from when you receive your ring, but you will have to bear the shipping costs to MeriTomasa and return shipping to your address (Spain: €15 return + €10 forwarding; international: €30 return + €20 forwarding), plus 10% of the price of the new ring, with a minimum of €39, and the difference between the price of both sizes (if applicable). Also note that you will have to wait another 10 days to receive your new ring. That is why I highly recommend that you visit one or more jewelry stores to correctly measure your Tatum measurement.

If I don't like it, can I make a return?

No. I work out of stock and I elaborate each one of my Atlantis Rings on request, customizing the size and materials tailored to each order you make, so that I cannot offer the return option (unless there is a manufacturing error of the jewel by MeriTomasa).

On what finger do I have to put the Atlantis Ring?

My advice is: the Atlantis Ring is a talisman that helps you find balance first with yourself and then with the environment. Choose the finger where it is most comfortable to wear it. Choose the finger where you want to wear it the most and make it a help to grow as a person. I tell you in detail in this post.

About MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory and my Atlantis Rings collection

The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory is specialized in custom made jewelry for all tastes and budgets: wedding rings, headbands, earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings, tiaras... My value proposition is to create products wherever you are you who decides the shape, the materials, the finishes... That you can be part of the manufacturing process and thus begin to fill the object with something more sensitive than the splendor of metal. It is a more intimate, romantic, exclusive and quality work.

Like all my pieces, my Atlantis Rings collection is designed and made in my workshop in Manresa, near Barcelona, from custom jewelry orders since 2006, so you can boast of wearing a zero kilometer jewel of artisanal manufacturing.

Each ring is handcrafted, with which none of my rings is perfect in each and every one of its proportions: all have a "defect" of tenths of a millimeter here or there, the result of human imperfections and the warmth of the artisan's hand, just as surely the Atlantis Rings made by the goldsmiths of antiquity had to be imperfect.

And if you like it but would prefer it with some changes... please tell me and we will talk about it :)


    40 Review(s) with an average of 5 over 5

Espectacular trabajo

Deseaba tener un anillo atlante, tras leer mucho y buscar, doy gracias que encontre a Meritomasa, ya que realmente siento que llevo puesto un tesoro! una pieza única, diseñada por y para mi. Desde el primer momento atendió todas mis dudas con una amabilidad y dedicando un tiempo que revela la dedicación y el amor que le pone a su trabajo. Es evidente que todo esto se aprecia en el resultado final. Calidad insuperable, diseño cuidado y un amor en cada pieza infinito.
De verdad, no dudeis, el anillo atlante es una pieza muy especial pero después de conocerla, no dudo que todo su trabajo va a ser extraordinario!!!!


    MeriAtlante 0ro, Plata, Cobre

    Es el segundo que recibí. El primero era de plata y ya era hermoso. El segundo lo he recibido hoy y me parece aún más hermoso. Parece que los 3 metales nacen desde la plata. Meri, por enésima vez, Gracias, Gracias, Gracias.


      Una verdadera joya en mis manos

      He tenido el verdadero placer de comunicarme con Marixell por telefono, además de e-mail.
      Es atenta, amable, despeja tus dudas, y traslada una energía maravillosa, y convierte la compra de un anillo, en una experiencia única e irrepetible, que desemboca cuando lo tienes en tus manos, en la certeza de que ese anillo Atlante, es una verdadera joya, por su detalle, materiales, delicadeza en su creación, una verdadera orfebre, una artesana en el siglo XXI, "rara avis" en estos tiempos.
      Un placer haberte encontrado, gracias por entregarme esta joya tan hermosa,
      sin duda, por el Anillo Atlante y por otras joyas que en un futuro pueda necesitar.


        ¡Muy feliz!

        ¡Hola! Encargué un anillo atlante en un momento muy especial para mi y es inmejorable…Estoy feliz de lucirlo. Escogí el de oro, planta y cobre y es una maravilla. Un tesoro sin duda. El encargo fue rápido y personalizado…Meri nos dedicó tiempo para que escogiésemos el diseño que más nos gustaba, nos abrió las puertas de su taller y nos regaló su tiempo para escucharos. ¡Muy feliz!


          Anillo muy bien hecho

          Marixell es una persona encantadora i le pone mucho cariño al hacer las joyas que en verdad son pequeños tesoros gracias


            Este anillo es echo con mucho amor

            Gracias Merixell por tu hermosa creacion es muy bonito y desde que me llego no me lo e sacado se siente una energia genial siento que crecere como persona mas adelante comprare uno para mi hermana y mi madre gracias Merixell saludos desde South jordan Utah


              Lo máximo

              Es lo máximo. Sencillamente espectacular y hermoso. Me encantó y solo puedo agradecer por tan excelente elaboración pura luz es la irradia y envias. 100% recomendado.



                I was in search for an atlantis ring, and once I found this website I knew it was the one. I ordered the one with bronze, silver and gold and recently received it. It is an amazing ring, perfectly crafted. As soon as I put the ring on I felt an uplifting and protecting energy that is very palpable, looking forward to how this develops over time. But the best part was speaking with Meri herself, within a day I received an email from her discussing the sizing differences and helped me choose the correct size. I had a few other questions and we spoke a few times and she was very engaging and attentive. So happy to have found this site and having the privilege to meet Meri. I would recommend 10/10 any piece from this jeweler.


                  Mi pequeño tesoro

                  Es perfecto, muy bonito y un trabajo muy bien hecho (se nota que le gusta lo que hace y pone en ello empeño, amor y energía).
                  Acerté con la medida gracias a que seguí sus recomendaciones (fui a la joyería de un centro comercial y me asesoraron comparando con uno de sus anillos de plata) y me queda perfecto.
                  Y desde el primer momento noto los efectos del anillo.....(¿será verdad que hay energías que todavía no somos capaces de entender?).


                    Atlantis ring.

                    As most reviews are not in English I would like to add one. I live in Australia and I picked Meritomasa to craft my Atlanta's ring as I knew it would be made with spiritial significance. Ordering from Australia was no problem. After going to several jewlers in Australia and getting correct size the ring was made. When it arrived it fitted perfectly and was beautifully crafted. This is my wedding ring and will be treasured.


                      Iván serrano campos

                      trato excelente, calidad de materiales y elaboración artesanal inmejorable, por que esta hecho con mucho mucho mimo y eso se nota en cuanto abres su cajita es una autentica obra de ARTE .

                      ✨ gracias gracias gracias ✨

                      • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                      Mi anillo atlante

                      Hacia tiempo que estaba buscando comprar un anillo atlante, pero no quería hacerlo en webs donde los venden al por mayor , consideraba que una pieza tan especial tenía que ser creada de otra manera y indagando encontré a meritomasa.
                      No me lo pensé ni un minuto cogí mi coche y conducí más de una hora hasta llegar a su taller.
                      Desde que entré allí el trato con Meri fue exquisito, en todo momento me aconsejó y me guió para encontrar el modelo y la medida que mejor me iría .
                      Te das cuenta cuando hablas con ella que su trabajo en su pasión y le pone amor en cada joya que realiza, y eso es lo que yo buscaba, que aunque los anillos todos son iguales , ella los personaliza porque los hace pensando en ti .
                      Me llego el anillo en el plazo que me dio.
                      Es perfecto , estoy encantada, cumple todas mis expectativas.
                      Ahora a disfrutarlo y agradecerle a Meri este pequeño “tesoro “.
                      Ha sido un placer , posiblemente nos volveremos a ver.
                      Gracias, gracias , gracias..

                      • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.


                      El anillo es absolutamente precioso y Meritxel un encanto. Se preocupó por la medida que indiqué (me equivoqué en por bastante) y gracias a ella tengo en el dedo una joya preciosa que refleja todo el cariño que Meritxel pone en su trabajo.
                      Un hermano, conocedor de mis intereses “esotéricos” me trajo uno de un viaje a Egipto, en plata, pero muy tosco en sus detalles, por eso cuando vi el trabajo de Meritxel no lo pense.

                      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                      Recomendado al 1000000%

                      Coincido con las demás opiniones.

                      Si estás buscando un anillo atlante artesanal, sin duda este es el mejor sitio para pedirlo!
                      El anillo es una maravilla. Y Meri una persona muy atenta y amable. Resuelve tus dudas y te aconseja para que quedes lo más satisfecho posible.

                      Muy contento con la compra!

                      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                      Quisiera adquirir un anillo atlante

                      Soy de Peru y vivo en provincia mas claro en la ciudad de chiclayo- Lambayeque, nose si sera posible que llegue hasta aca, y si es asi digame que tengo que hacer.

                      Respuesta de MeriTomasa >>> Hola Hermelinda! Soy Meri: puedes comprar tu anillo online y recibirlo en Perú con mis envíos internacionales vía DHL. Me gustaría contestarte con más detalle, pero no me has dejado tu email. ¿Me escribes a


                        Anillo Atlante

                        A mi pareja tiene mucha sensibilidad con el tema de las energías y todo el tema esotérico con lo que pensé que sería un buen regalo para ayudarla en un época un poco combulsa que lleva teniendo.
                        Nos equivocamos al pedir la talla pero Meri muy amable, nos hizo el cambio en muy poco tiempo.




                          Es mi primer anillo Atlante, fue fácil elegir Joyera (Artesana creadora de magia) ya que había regalado uno de tus tesoros y ya sabía con qué profesinalidad trabajas.
                          La calidad y la exactitud de ésta joya tan peculiar es perfecta.
                          Además viene con muy buena energía que desde luego se nota el amor que pones en tu trabajo.
                          Gracias una vez más por tu gran trabajo.

                          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                          Un tresoret de veritat! Un pequeño tesoro! A little treasure

                          Meri ha creat un anell Atlante ple de magia i Llum. Exclusiu i únic, cómode i ple de qualitat. No ho dubteu, es nota el carinyo amb el que s’ha fet.

                          Este anillo Atlante creado por Meri està llenito de Luz y magia. Exclusivo, único, cómodo y llenito de calidad. No dudéis, se siente el cariño que le ha puesto.

                          Meri’s Atlantis ring is filled with Light and magic! Unique, comfy and of real quality. Don’t hesitate: one can feel the love and care Meri infuses her rings with.

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                          Blessings to you!

                          Blown away!
                          It is a wonderful piece of jewelry and I feel its energy is gorgeus. Thank you so much for your work!
                          Blessings and Light.

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                          Grande Meri y su Fabrica de Tesoros

                          Meri, mil gracias por ser la reaizadora de mi gran tesoro atlante. Un anillo artesanal, personal , de grandisima calidad. Gracias por realizarme este anillo lleno de energía y buenas vibracion. Gracias también por tu gran atención ,asesoramiento ,comunicación conmigo y rapidez en realizarlo. Agradecida hasta el infinito contigo Meri !!!! Grande Meri y su Fabrica de Tesoros.

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                          Un anillo muy especial creado con mucho cariño

                          El resultado de hacer las cosas con pasión y cariño no puede ser otro que unas piezas tan perfectas. Esto se nota y el anillo es espectacular. Meritxell es super atenta y te ayuda en todo. Es una maravilla. La próxima joya no dudaré en que la cree ella

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.


                          Notar día a día como el anillo te ayuda a equilibrar tus energías protegiéndote... no tiene precio. En mi caso el de 3 metales, es un espectáculo ver como el cobre reacciona a tus emociones y la energía que te rodea, recomiendo que no te lo toque nadie... y si es por accidente un buen baño en sal y vinagre, no hace falta decirlo pero si tienes uno seguro que te has dado cuenta de como se comporta cuando otra energía lo toca. Una verdadera obra de arte, voy a repetir, esta vez para una persona muy especial, mi hermana . Gracias Meri por tu arte y tu profesionalidad

                          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

                          Espectacular y Único mi anillo Atlante

                          Muchas gracias Meri por el cariño en la fabricación de mi anillo Atlante, estoy muy contento de como quedó finalmente. El servicio al cliente impecable sobre todo en asegurarse a través de varias técnicas que la medida sea la correcta.
                          Si tienes dudas, contacta a Meri con confianza y vas a tener la respuesta a tu pregunta.
                          Éxitos en el futuro y sigue realizando todas esas joyas con el cariño de siempre!

                          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                          Una brújula para días brillantes

                          Parecen días oscuros y difíciles y lo han sido, pero para mi este confinamiento ha sido ocasión para conocerme y descubrirme.
                          Hace años, mucho más joven, me vino la idea del anillo Atlante y siempre lo dejaba para cuando encontrara ocasión. La ocasión me ha encontrado al fin y con las joyerías cerradas sólo tenía Internet. Encontré a Meri y estoy muy feliz de haberle comprado mi Atlante.
                          Es mi brújula para días brillantes.

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                          Anell Atlant

                          L'anell Atlant la vaig descobrir l'any 2000. Des d'aquell moment la vaig volgué tenir. L'anava trobant però sempre tenia alguna sensació que no em deixava adquirir-la .Sempre pensava que no era el moment . Ara el moment ha arribat de la ma de la Meri. Vaig descobrir la seva web i em va anant captivant i entre tant anava pensant " això és el que vull".
                          Molt fidel amb el que havíem quedat tant amb el preu com els materials , com data d'entrega .
                          T'envio totes les més bones vibracions perquè el teu projecte sigui un èxit arreu del món .

                          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

                          Una autentica alquimista.

                          Hola MeriTomasa:
                          Hacía años que estaba detrás del Anillo Atlante, pero no sabia como encontrarlo. lo que había visto no me llenaba...
                          Por fin, un día a través de Internet, buscando y comparando llegue a tu página, leí toda la pagina y vi el vídeo de como elaborabas los anillos. Me gusto ver como los haces, demostrando que eres una gran profesional. (tengo buen ojo para eso)
                          "El Tesoro" es fiel a tu descripción, (no escatimas material) es grueso y macizo y la verdad, es el que siempre he buscado, uno que me llegara dentro, que me dijera algo... y con este, lo conseguí.
                          He comprado tres, ademas del mio, uno para mi hija y otro para mi nuera. a todas nos ha encantado y no nos lo quitamos desde que lo recibimos.
                          Deseo que tengas mucho exito en tu negocio, que sigas con ese interes que pones en tu trabajo y doy las gracias por haber comprado uno de tus tesoros.

                          P.D. Si me admites una sugerencia... deberías adjuntar al pedido una pequeña información de la historia del Anillo Atlante. Enamoraría mas.

                          • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

                          Mi pequeña joya

                          Ya disfruto el anillo atlante de 3 metales, con mucha alegría y expectación porque se que va a ser una gran ayuda en mi vida.
                          He recibido un trato exquisito de su creadora y se lo recomiendo a quién esté interesado en poseer una joya tan especial de un acabado artesanal difícil de igualar.

                          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                          Un verdadero Tesoro. Tanto el anillo como su artesana.

                          Mi madre hacía más de diez años que soñaba con tener un anillo Atlante.
                          Después de mucho buscar el destino hizo que dieramos con Meritomasa, o más bien su duende hizo que descubriesemos su fábrica de tesoros. Porque no sólo hace un buen anillo atlante con todo lo que ello conlleva, sino que además pone su magia personal.
                          El anillo es perfecto, materiales de primera calidad, acabado cuidado al milímetro. Además resuelve con amabilidad y eficacia cualquier duda que pueda surgir.
                          A mi madre le encantó y no se lo quita nunca. Es doblemente mágico por sus propiedades y por el amor que puso Meritomasa al hacerlo.
                          Es una gran artesana que pone ilusión en lo que hace y se nota.
                          Sin lugar a dudas seguiremos confiando en su buen hacer.

                          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

                          Eres maga

                          No lo dudes. Eres maga y por eso eres artesana. La palabra Alquimia viene del árabe y significa arte. Los romanos hablaban del Arte Magno o Gran Arte (Ars Magna) para hablar de los procesos de modificación de la materia. En el antiguo Egipto los magos eran los únicos con capacidades de transformar la materia a su voluntad, es decir, los artesanos. Disponían del conocimiento y habilidad necesarias para crear, y en su creación imprimían en el objeto una parte de su propia voluntad y el objetivo de su creación. Hoy día se habla de arte (ars) y magia (magna) como asuntos separados, cuando en su concepción fueron lo mismo.

                          Pero al final todo esto es cuestión de creencias. Yo creo que el artesano que vive la transformación de la materia como un proceso personal, y que en la creación hay más que un simple objeto, en el fondo sabe que es mago o maga. Gracias por tu trabajo

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.


                          He recibido mi anillo atlante y es increíble que desde el momento en que me lo he puesto, he empezado a tener más energía para hacer cosas y más positividad en el día a día. No sé qué tendrá pero algo es, eso seguro. Meritomasa, vuelvo a decir que doy gracias por haberte descubierto. Un abrazo muy grande.
                          M Angeles

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                          Anell Atlant

                          Vaig estar buscant per internet un anell Atlant i després de consultar molt, em vaig decidir per la Meri Tomasa. Vaig adquir un anell per a mi i posteriorment un altre per el meu fill. Tot un encert. Molt satisfet pel Excellent treball de la Meri, per la qualitat del producte, per la Esmeralda dedicació de la Meri en tot el procés d’elaboració i la seva excel·lent atenció personalitzada. Com en totes les coses i els actes fets amb amor, es noten moltíssim en el resultat final i per tant en l’Energia que transmet. La utilitat que volia donar al anell, es sobradament l’esperada. Es la millor opció sens dupte
                          Gràcies Meri

                          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

                          Una troballa!!!

                          Vaig conèixer la Meri en un viatge just quan volía trobar una anell atlant i així es la vida, plena de sincronicitats.
                          Ara porto sempre l'anell i des de el primer moment es nota la seva energía amb tot el que mou. Gràcies Meri!!! Per com treballes i com ens ho expliques tot amb detall...

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                          Un anillo precioso

                          Después de mucho tiempo pensando en adquirir un anillo atlante y buscando por internet, definitivamente el anillo que ofrecía Meri me entró por los ojos en el primer momento, sentía que era para mí. Al recibirlo simplemente ha superado mis expectativas, es tan delicado y bonito... Tengo que añadir que desde el momento que me he puesto el anillo he sentido la energía...Si realmente os llama, os recomiendo que tengáis uno de estos!

                          • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

                          La millor elecció

                          Tenia interès a comprar un anell Atlant i vaig estar buscant per internet, molt interessada sobretot, per l'opinió dels compradors, i vaig decidir-me per la Meri Tomasa. Les opinions eren magnífiques i no puc fer més que corroborar la meva satisfacció per la meva elecció. Tot un encert! A més, al marge de la seva professionalitat, és una persona magnífica, fa la seva feina amb vocació i amor. Ja només veure que parla del meu anell com el meu tresor, està tot dit. És la millor elecció, sens dubte!

                          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

                          Exelente trabajo

                          Encarge un anillo Atlante en Oro,Plata y cobre para mi y otro de plata para un amigo, el lo queria asi y ami me llamo los tres metales estoy encantad, una joya un gran trabajo y una gran artesana de la joyeria. Me lo puse al dia sigiente de recibirlo y no me lo he vuelto a quitar para nada es precioso por su estructura por dentro y por fuera, he podido experimentar varias cosas con el lo recibi en un momento muy preciso para mi. Gracias Merixell por haberte encontrado en mi camino,me estoy planteando hacerme otro para mi otra mano. Gracias

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.


                          Espectacular anillo, nos hemos reinventado una nueva alianza con mi mujer, parecerá una repetición de comentarios pero no exageran, he mirado anillos atlantes por páginas web, mercados, etc etc incluso mi anillo hasta el momento de tener mi nueva joya era un anillo Atlante del mismísimo Egipto y nada que ver con la exquisitez y belleza creada de la mano de Meritxell, la definición de las formas nunca las he visto tan marcadas, las seis pirámides son pirámides, los triángulos, el grabado interior, todo un espectáculo de magia puesta en el anillo, se nota un buen trabajo, y como bien dice todo macizo nada de baños, mi grado de satisfacción es tal, que ya estoy preparando otro pedido para mis hijas y uno más de oro para mí.
                          Desde estas líneas, gracias de nuevo Meritxell por tu trabajo bien hecho.
                          Un abrazo!!

                          • 5 out of 5 people found this review useful.

                          Anillo Atlante

                          He tenido la suerte de que me regalen este fantástico anillo. Había oído hablar de su leyenda y me llamó mucho la atención.
                          Ahora que ya me he familiarizado con él os puedo asegurar que se trata de un auténtico talisman.
                          Quiero agradecer a Meri de todo corazón que ponga tanta técnica y cariño en la elaboración de este anillo. Visitando su taller me ha mostrado como a partir de un trozito de plata crea paso a paso las formas de geometría del anillo Atlante.
                          Los había visto en otras webs con las formas geometricas de poca definición.
                          Meri el tuyo es una verdadera obra de arte, es perfecto. Gracias por este trabajo hecgo con tanta conciencia. Te deseo lo mejor!

                          • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

                          UN AMOR DE JOYA Y DE JOYERA

                          Me costó decidirme sobretodo por el precio, porque había visto otras webs en Internet donde estaba mucho más barato, pero no me arrepiento para nada. Todo lo contrario. Además de la calidad y la autenticidad, Meri pone a sus joyas un amor que se nota y salta a la vista, y ella misma es UN AMOR en el trato con sus clientas, incluidas las que como yo la hemos conocido a través de Internet.

                          • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

                          Un acierto

                          He mirado muchos anillos atlantes por Internet y no me acababa de decidir. Hay páginas especializadas pero me hacían dudar de si estaría adquiriendo un anillo de calidad. Y hay también muchas páginas de joyería y me preguntaba si estaría comprando realmente un anillo Atlante o una versión de autor más o menos similar. Qué difícil decisión... hasta que encontré a Meri!!! Muy satisfecha con mi anillo atlante!

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

                          Excelente atención al cliente y resultado

                          Mi mujer es un poco friki de lo esotérico y quería sorprenderla con un regalo especial para sus 40 primaveras. Buscando por Internet encontré a Meri y todo han sido facilidades. Respondió rápido a todas mis dudas. El paquete llegó justo dos días antes del aniversario y cuando mi mujer lo abrió se quedó de piedra, en el buen sentido de la expresión. Recomendadísima!!!!

                          • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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                          Atlantis Ring in Gold, Silver and Copper

                          Atlantis Ring in Gold, Silver and Copper

                          Artisan Atlantis Ring, made of gold, silver and copper. No tricks or baths! All the materials are solid. Elaboration on request: each ring is unique.

                          The most classical and purest version of the Atlantis Ring: ideal fans of personal growth, reiki or esotericism... 3 central parallel triangular sections in gold, silver and copper (Luxor waveform), followed by six pyramids and two isosceles triangles, with four holes in the north, south, and 30 degrees east and west, and an internal engraving in the form of a symbol of infinity, the lemniscate. Polished finish.

                          Also called Luxor Ring, Atlantean Ring or Egyptian Ring.

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