MeriTomasa, Fairmined jewelry in Barcelona

MeriTomasa, Fairmined jewelry in Barcelona

What is the Fairmined Gold Certificate?

It is a seal of quality that means that the gold and silver come from artisanal and small-scale mining companies that extract the precious metals from the earth in a way that respects the environment and the dignity of the workers, and therefore contribute to the transformation and improvement of the lives of these mining communities.

"Fairmined" means "fair mining". It certifies small artisanal mining companies that extract precious metals from the earth to market them at fair prices so that you can show off your treasures knowing that you have also helped improve the lives of those communities and safeguard the environment.

The Fairmined standard and seal (see the map) were created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining, an international non-profit organization that has been working since 2004 for the development of artisanal and small-scale mining communities worldwide. Fairmined is part of the Sustainable Mines Program, in line with the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda, and certifies various mining communities in Colombia and Peru.

In this video they explain it very well:

Why do I bet on Fairmined gold in the MeriTomasa Treasure Factory?

I like to define The MeriTomasa Treasure Factory as a small, responsible and local artisan jewelry store. Lately the label #slowjewelry has become very fashionable to define it: jewelry with an ethical sense, made with respect for people and to the environment. And I like to insist that this is not just a slogan and a bunch of verbiage: it is a commitment that is put into practice every day. To begin with, choosing my suppliers. That is why I have dedicated a lot of time to creating a directory of responsible jewelry suppliers that are part of my process of making ethical jewelry.

The goal of slow jewelry is to extend the life of each of your jewelry. Manufacture excellent quality treasures, in an artisanal way and with an ethical sense and social and environmental responsibility, and betting on small suppliers, artisans and merchants.

One of the first big steps I took was to become a Fairmined Licensed Mark (MeriTomasa: Fairmined ID:ES30025), in March 2020. Fairmined is a quality seal that certifies that the gold and precious metals with which I make my jewelry come from artisanal and small-scale mining that develops ethical practices. In my case, I use the built-in fairmined model, which means that not all of the metal I use is Fairmined, but some of it is. Every year I introduce a percentage of fairmined gold, of which I am proud, to my production chain.

I would love to say that the rest of the metal I use is recycled and thus finish putting on the little star. But it's also just another percentage: in a jewelry workshop nothing is ever thrown away! All the remains that are generated while we work are collected. The big parts I melt down and reuse myself. And the smallest parts, such as the swarf or the remains of the soil, I send once a year to the laboratory so that they can be recovered and come back to me in the form of pure metal.

Also, I try not to have a lot of stock and I buy on order: every time an order comes in I buy the materials I need to make each treasure. I am a small company and therefore it is difficult to ask the big fish to offer me traceability and sustainability. Therefore, I cannot deny that another percentage of my raw material comes from companies that do not certify their origin... That is why I buy from small companies, like myself, as close as possible, many of them have been around for a lifetime... Perhaps currently They cannot certify the origin of the raw material, but betting on them is also betting on me. Promote our small business flora. Because I would dare to say that we are all on this path of change to be more sustainable.

In summary: betting on fairmined mining is betting on offering you quality jewelry at fair prices not only for me, but for all the people who are part of my production process, starting with the miners who extract the gold of which your best treasures are made.

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And you, what precious metal are your treasures made of?

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