What is the tetragrammaton?

What is the tetragrammaton?

The tetragrammaton is two different things. On the one hand, the four Hebrew letters יהוה‎, which can be translated as Yahveh and are the sacred name of God that believers are forbidden to pronounce. On the other hand, the jewel/talisman that contains, among many other symbols, those four letters.

Goya TetragrammatonFrancisco de Goya: "The name of God", Tetragrammaton in triangle, detail of the fresco The Adoration of the Name of God, 1772.

Design of the original tetragrammatonThe original tetragrammaton design, with the four letters of the tetragrammaton (I highlight them with the yellow circle) and a lot of other symbols...

There is not one tetragrammaton: there are two. In fact, they are two different things. On one side is the "tetragrammaton" which literally means "four letters" and refers to the four letters with which the early Jews referred to Yahweh, the God of Israel and later of the Christians. On the other hand, there is the jewel that, among many other Jewish and Christian symbols, contains those four letters that make up the name of Yahveh:

  • On the one hand, the tratragrammaton means "the four letters", which are the name of God. The four letters are יהוה‎ --yód (י), he (ה), waw (ו) and he (ה‏): Hebrew is read from right to left--, and can be translated into the Latin alphabet with the letters YHVH: in classical Hebrew the vowels are not written, and hence instead of writing "Yahveh", they write "YHVH". This is how it appears in the Torah, the Jewish Bible, which Christians call the Pentateuch since it makes up the first 5 books of the Christian Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). Out of respect for God, the ancient Jews were forbidden to pronounce his name, so instead of pronouncing the tetragrammaton they used other formulas such as "Adonai" (Lord), "Elohim" (God) and "HaShem" (The Name) or " Shem Hameforash" (The Special Name). Hence the sacred, mystical, even magical character of the name of God: the tetragrammaton was conceived by the primitive Jews as a secret name that should not be pronounced, since doing so would be an offense against Yahweh.
  • On the other hand, the tegragrammaton is a design, often in the form of a jewel/talisman, which consists of a compendium of many symbols of Judaism and Christianity, and which contains among those many symbols those four letters, יהוה‎, of which takes the name. In this sense, calling this jewel "tetragrammaton" is a synecdoche (the part is taken for the whole: the whole is called by the name of one of its parts): it contains many other symbols apart from the tegrammaton יהוה, but is popularly known by that name (among other names, since it is also called the esoteric tetragrammaton, or "esoteric pentagram" or "flaming star", "star of the magi", "pentagram" or "pentalfa"").

In short, the "tetragrammaton" are two different things: the four Hebrew letters that mean "God" (YHVW), and a particular design, often in the form of a jewel or talisman, that contains those four letters among many other symbols of Judaism and Christianity, and to which magical and protective powers are granted. Both things are related, but they are two different things.

So... why are there so many websites that confuse one thing with another? And why buy your tetragrammaton at The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory?

The Internet is full of websites that confuse the four letters of the tetragrammaton with the jewel of the tetragrammaton: they tell you the story of one thing and they sell you the other... Before they were called charlatans or snake oil salesmen. Now they are called "Amazon" but the business is the same: you buy a thousand pieces of tin jewelry that bend in the wind in China and sell them on the Internet adorning them with a thousand and one words that have been copypasted from here and there... This is not my business model at The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory.

If you have taken a look on the Internet searching for "tetragrammaton" you have surely found a lot of pages where they tell you about the meaning of the four letters יהוה and right after that they put an Amazon ad where you can buy the jewel. They confuse one thing with another... On the one hand there is the "tetragrammaton" which is the forbidden name of God and dates back to centuries before Christ. On the other hand, there is the design of the "tetragrammaton" converted into a compendium of Hebrew and Christian symbology, much later: who was the creator of the tetragrammaton? and when?

In many Internet pages they confuse one thing with the other... and the worst thing is that many times they do it without being aware of it, since many websites are oriented to a very particular business model that works very well on the Internet: copypaste a lot of content from here and there without knowing too much about what you are talking about, to get visits from people interested in those topics and then be able to sell them low-quality products at gold prices. Before, these types of businesses were called charlatans or snake oil salesmen. Now they are called Amazon, among many other websites, but the approach is the same: you are very talkative, even if you know little about what you are talking about, and you sell some tin jewelry bought wholesale in China at a price of gold as if they were jewelry from Author.

I have also seen it many times on so-called magic or occult websites which, in reality, are a compendium of little-worked texts and bombastic promises: if you browse through them for a while you will see that they offer you a wide catalog of magical remedies that save your life for between €2 and €30... made in China and with low-quality serial production, of course :-)

That is not my business model at The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory:

MeriTomasa: joyería personalizadaMyself, in my jewelery workshop in Manresa, holding the Fashion Revolution "I made your Jewellery" campaign poster.
  • I am neither a mage nor a priestess. I am not a specialist in Judaism, Christianity, mysticism or Kabbalah. I'm a jeweler. That's why I rarely talk about the benefits and uses of the tetragrammaton on my website. My mission is not to explain to you how and when and why of these treasures, nor do I want to convince you to use them as an amulet or talisman. If you have reached this page, perhaps you know more about the subject than I do, and according to my experience, each client expects a different use or benefit from my treasures. I don't want to make an esoteric website to sell you magical jewelry. My objective is different: to offer you top quality jewellery, both in relation to the authenticity of its design and in relation to the artisan quality of its elaboration..
  • No tricks or dips. I don't make silver-plated tin jewelry overseas that bends at a blow to sell to you like a charlatan on Amazon would, copying and pasting text here and there. Before developing my tetragrammaton proposal, I have spent a lot of time studying and designing it in order to create a jewel that is faithful to the original design and manufactured in an artisanal way, and to be able to tell you about it here in detail. I like that each jewel that comes out of my workshop honors the name of The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory.
  • What you see in the photo is the same treasure that you will receive at home. I have also bought at Amazon or on other websites and I have trusted that I would receive at home the same thing that appeared in the photo on the web... and then it turns out that this is not the case. More than once I have been disappointed to receive an item that bore little or no resemblance to the photo of the product I had purchased. That is why on my website you will always see the real photo of the jewel you are buying. At The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory I like to show off my treasures and I don't need to adorn them with any computer design, because I sell top quality handmade jewelry.

In summary, you will surely find many tetragrammatons on the Internet, on pages supposedly specialized in esoteric jewelry, or in large online markets such as Amazon. And possibly you will find it cheaper. I don't want nor can I compete with those prices or with that way of understanding e-commerce. At The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory I offer you something else: handmade jewelry with my own designs and online sales, with shipments to almost everyone and at fair prices.

Tetragrammaton Collection by MeriTomasa

The main difference between my tetragrammatons compared to serial productions that you can find on other websites is the quality and craftsmanship. I only work with noble metals (18k gold, sterling silver and electrolytic copper). And I make each piece by hand. The result is a unique and quality treasure. Stronger and more durable.

The various Tetragrammaton models from The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory share a design faithful to the original. The only thing that changes is the metal:

You can buy online on my website:

Silver Tetragrammaton Necklace
Silver Tetragrammaton Necklace
Sterling silver.
From €119

Gold Plating Tetragrammaton Necklace
Gold Plating Tetragrammaton Necklace

Gold plating.
From €159

Gold, Silver and Copper Tetragrammaton Necklace
Gold, Silver and Copper Tetragrammaton Necklace
Three metals.
From €309

Gold Tetragrammaton Necklace
Gold Tetragrammaton Necklace
18K gold.
From €1.239

And you, have you already chosen your tetragrammaton?


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      may 28, 2022

      Hola Meri Tomasa :)El tetragramaton para que sea efectivo al 100% debe de ser hecho con los 7 metales: oro, plata, hierro, mercurio, estaño, cobre, plomo. Se que es muy difícil hacer un tetragramaton con esas aleaciones, pero así es como la tradición esotérica dice que se debe de hacer un tetragramaton. Ya que si solo se hace de oro, plata, y cobre el tetragramaton solo tendrá la fuerza del sol, la luna, y venus, obviandose marte, mercurio, jupiter, y saturno. Un saludo.

      • Avatar
        jun 11, 2022

        Gracias por el aporte, Tony! Me lo han dicho muchas veces y te agradezco que me lo repitas porque me das la oportunidad de explicarme. Lo hago resumido aquí, pero prometo escribir un post completo. Tan pronto pueda hacerlo añado el link aquí también.

        El resumen es: lo de los 7 metales es lo que dice la tradición esotérica, sí, pero esa tradición esotérica ha pisado muy pocos talleres de joyería. No es que sea difícil, es que sería un delito: para empezar, el mercurio es un metal muy tóxico, venenoso para las personas, y por tanto su uso está prohibido en joyería. Para continuar, ningún taller de joyería que se precie admite estaño, porque un taller de joyería es una especie de relicario donde sólo pueden entrar metales preciosos (oro y plata) y nunca otros metales que puedan contaminar a éstos, como el estaño.

        Por eso no encontrarás en el mercado ningún "tetragramaton 7 metales" que esté hecho en realidad de esos 7 metales. Lo único que encontrarás son "tegramaton 7 metales" que sólo tienen el nombre de los 7 metales, porque luego miras la descripción técnica y están hechos únicamente de plata (o de otros metales, a veces varios). En mi taller de joyería de La Fábrica de Tesoros de MeriTomasa, como puedes ver un poco más arriba, te lo ofrezco en plata, o bien en plata bañada en oro, o bien en oro, o bien en una amalgama de tres metales: oro, plata y cobre.

        Es un poco largo de contar: prometo post. Un saludo Toni!

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