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Personalized bracelets for all tastes and wrists. Rigid or articulated; open or closed; with drawer closure, eight, snake or magnet; with stones or not; with a symbol or a name; with your handwriting, mine or X font; textured, smooth, nuanced, polished or fiftyfifty! Be it a slave or a forget-me-not you will find everything in the Treasure Factory of MeriTomasa!

Custom Bracelets  

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  • Name Bracelet :: Oriol & Pere

    Two sterling silver personalized name bracelets, self-gift for Anna, Oriol's and Pere's mother, with the father's name, Roger, inside. All names, handwritten by Oriol, Pere and Roger. I have only turned them into precious metal :) Black nylon cord with sliding knots and silver terminals. 100% handmade in sterling silver. Do you want yours? Customize and...

  • Little Mice Bracelet

    Personalized bracelet in sterling silver and yellow gold plating, gift for a mother of her three children, whom she has always called "my little mice". The chain ends with some final rings, so that it is easy to wear it longer or shorter, with the excess pieces hanging, which now is very trendy. Exclusive design made by the client, with technical...

  • Star Bracelet with Names Quick view
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    Star Bracelet with Names

    Personalized sterling silver bracelet in the shape of a five-pointed star, with a name in the center and five more names at the tips. Customize your treasure! You can also add a small text on the back. I made the first one for Montse, who wanted to make a very special gift for her friend Ita, with her name in the center and surrounded by the names of her...

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  • 3 Bracelet
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    Personalized sterling silver bracelet in the shape of number 3, matching earrings and a pendant also personalized in the shape of number 3. Polished finish.

  • Copper and Silver Bracelets

    Personalized copper and silver bracelets, in various thicknesses, finishes and combinations. The set plays with the aesthetic beauty of the combination of copper and silver and with that esoteric dot that always brings the reddish color of copper and its electrical properties. Tailor-made for Montserrat. The first order was eight bracelets, four in...

  • Dragonfly Rattlesnake

    Personalized bell in sterling silver, with a dragonfly as a decorative motif. Montse asked me, and she liked it so much that after the month she asked me for another. Two jingle bells in sterling silver. Polished finish with darkened recesses, to contrast each dragonfly. Inside, a small silver ball rattles against the walls and generates the magic noise...

  • Bracelet with Three Hearts

    Personalized bracelet with three intertwined hearts. Sterling silver and adjustable nylon thread with sliding knots and silver terminals. Darkened base finish with three overlapping hearts, well polished to create contrast.

  • Initial Bracelet :: M
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    Three personalized initial bracelets, in sterling silver and with a rose gold flash. Capital M on a thin chain, which we end with another wider chain to adjust the measurement. Triple personalized treasure: for the mother and the two grandmothers of Martí.

  • Name Bracelet :: Aniol

    Bracelet with personalized name, in sterling silver. Self-gift for a new mom. Grated background. in contrast to the well polished letters and the reverse, also polished, with the date of birth engraved. Nylon thread with silver terminals. Adjustable bracelet thanks to practical macrame knots.

  • The art of living Bracelet
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    Personalized sterling silver rigid bracelet. With a dedication, abroad: "Today Begins the Art of Living Well", to celebrate the retirement of a good friend and a great teacher of Art History. Polished interior and exterior. scratched edges.

  • Spanish Guitar Bracelet

    Personalized bracelet, Núria's gift for her husband, with an exclusive Spanish guitar design and personalized inscription with her two initials, "NiA". Sterling silver with a polished finish with darkened recesses. 45mm from end to end (measurement for men's wrist). Nylon thread with silver terminals. Adjustable bracelet thanks to practical macrame knots.

  • Seeds Bracelet: Jana and Ainet

    Personalized gift for Father's Day, from Amy to Camilu, with the names of her two daughters: Ainet i Jana. When the daughters grow up, they will each take their own. By then, each little seed will be charged with the emotions and memories of its father. Dark striped finish on the sides and light striped on the front. Polished finish on edges and...

  • Hungarina Bracelet :: P&J

    Personalized hungarina bracelet in sterling silver, tailor-made for Loly with the initials of her children, Pablo and Javier, on a little star, which is her angel. Polished finish except the bottom of the star with the initials, with a darkened finish to create contrast. 100% handmade: all handmade, including each of the rings of the hungarina chain...

  • Wave Bracelet

    Wave of polished silver on a darkened silver plate with a rustic finish. The silver wave is forged from a small ring from Marina, to bring you the many experiences that ring treasured. Thick black leather with sterling silver terminals and clasp.

  • Brus Bracelet
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    Two bracelets formed by an insert with the name of Brus (polished letters and scratched background). On the back they have the date of birth engraved (back well polished). With colored nylon thread, terminals and carabiner clasp in sterling silver, also scratched. They are for the two grandmothers, and go with the ones that Aura and Guillem commissioned...

  • Eduard Pinyol Sun Bracelet

    Personalized sterling silver bracelet, reproduction of a work by Eduard Pinyol, who ordered me this treasure. It consists of a reproduction in sterling silver, in the form of a bracelet, of the profile of a sun drawn by the artist (as you can see in the last two images, with the superposition of the bracelet and the original drawing). Gift for Anna,...

  • Dog and Penguin Bracelet

    Personalized sterling silver bracelet for Bruna. The central figures are a dog and a penguin in polished silver, framed in a heart in striped silver. Chain and clasps also in sterling silver.

  • Horse Bracelet

    Personalized sterling silver bracelet for Jana. The central figure is a horse in polished silver, framed in a square with rounded points, in striped silver. Chain and clasps also in sterling silver.

  • BMJ bracelet

    Personalized sterling silver bracelet for Maria, who makes her first communion. Gift from her friends Bruna and Jana. The centerpiece is a heart with the initials of the 3 friends pierced inside. Polished finish. Chain and clasps also in sterling silver.

  • Custom Estelada Bracelet Quick view
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    Custom Estelada Bracelet
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    Custom bracelet with the Catalan starred flag. Estelada Collection: sterling silver, with a crosslinked texture, darker in the background and lighter in the estelada, to give volume to each treasure. Plate with custom name. In the images you will see various personalized bracelets. That of Itxiar, that of Fèlix and that of Javi... and many more! Enter the...

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  • Hungarina Bracelet :: Aura
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    Hungarine bracelet with personalized name in 18kt yellow gold. Custom made for Aura, newborn, with her name on the front and her date and time of birth on the back. Length of 9cm. Polished finish except the bottom of the insert with the name of Aura, with a striped finish to create contrast. Realization 100% in yellow gold and 100% handmade: all handmade,...

Showing 22 - 42 of 71 items