MeriTomasa, awarded the Coop'Art seal of the European Union

MeriTomasa, awarded the Coop'Art seal of the European Union

Cheerful is little. Hyper-joyful! The MeriTomasa's Treasures Factory is already featured in the Coop'Art: a European Union project, managed by the Barcelona Provincial Council, to promote small artisan companies with punch. Well, "with punch" is my way of putting it. On the Coop'Art website they explain more about the fine nose:

Coop’Art is the union of several destinations of Catalonia and Occitania that host small arts and crafts businesses which transmit the cultural and historical identity of the regions through their specific traditional know-how. Those artisans have a perfect command of their profession thanks to the knowledge they have been gathering throughout generations and produce objects full of history that they have renewed by combining usefulness and design in order to meet current consumers’ needs.

Coop’Art is the name of the project carried out by several Catalan and French destinations in order to promote a shared strategy of innovation and sustainable development of arts and crafts in the frame of POCTEFA European project.

"Thanks to the knowledge they have been gathering throughout generations" is not really for me: I am the first of my line who is dedicated to the world of jewelry, but it is also true that I have behind a line of people who are not scared to roll up their sleeves, so I feel it very much mine. And the part of knowing the trade and making objects with history combining utility and design with my customers in mind... is written for me :)

I end where I started. To say that I am happy is not enough. Hyperhappy!

Big kiss to all of you who have helped me get here. I'm counting on you to do the rest of the way !


    • Avatar
      aurora rocher lopez
      may 10, 2021

      T'ho mereixes,ets una artista !! una abrassade !!

    • Avatar
      Olga Lorenzo
      ago 8, 2021

      Un reconeixement molt ben merescut Meritxell!! Això és el fruit d'un gran esforç., dedicació i professionalitat. Moltes felicitats artista!!!

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